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For royal ladies, there is nothing wrong with looking Pretty in Mink and elegant.

Wedding Peach: "I stand for poofy dresses, flowers, ribbons, and all that is girlie! Monologue Attack!"

While feminine simply means any attribute associated with women, culturally the term tends to encompass things like beauty, grace, elegance, and ways women are often expected to carry themselves. Unfortunately the latter often involves things like demureness and timidness, which has also led to women being expected to be weak. Yet that isn't always the case. In Real Life, and in fiction, it's sometimes accepted that women can be feminine, yet still strong.

And of course some women take advantage of these associations.

Regardless of the exact form (such as whether one is "girly" or "mature"), these are the tropes about femininity.

Contrast Tomboy, Masculinity Tropes.

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