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Tropes exclusive not just to animated shows, but to Anime. Anime has its own distinctive styles, translation issues, distribution methods and Japanese cultural references. These are the tropes that go to making Anime worth considering as a whole medium to itself here on All The Tropes. Note, however, that by the early 21st century, anime has had such an influence upon American animation that some of these tropes have begun to appear in American productions. You can probably tell if a reviewer has been calling something "Anime style". Due to the close connection with Manga, many of these are also (or were first) manga tropes.

Keep in mind that if you find just as many examples of a trope outside of anime as you do inside, it's probably not an "Anime trope", but just a regular trope that gets used occasionally in Anime.

A list of Anime can be found on their own page.

Note: This page is going away, Japanese tropes are now in the categories listed in the floatbox. The remaining tropes here need sorting/TRS.

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