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The year is 1666. A mysterious countess attempts to resurrect Dracula by bringing him through a portal. Since there is no Belmont available to fight them, the Powers That Be pull two Belmonts from different time periods into the year 1666 to fight the forces of evil. These two are Sonia Belmont from the year 1450 (who debuted in Castlevania Legends), and Victor Belmont (a new character) from the late 1800s, who had tried to break from his family's lineage of vampire hunters.

This game was going to be released for the Sega Dreamcast, but it was canceled partway through development. Most people suspect that this is because Konami didn't have faith in the Dreamcast, as the game was canceled on the same day that Sony announced the Playstation 2.

Resurrection would have provided examples of:

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