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  • Character Tiers - Ever-present in a fighting game.
    • Godly Tier: Grant
    • Powerful Tier: Simon, Shanoa, Cornell, Aeon, Eric, Death
    • Average Tier: Alucard, Carmilla, Dracula, Maria, Trevor
    • Weak Tier: Sypha, Golem
  • Crowning Music of Awesome
  • Ensemble Darkhorse - Cornell and especially Golem. Anyone find it ironic as the one character whose mere existence was overlooked turned out to be the one part most fans thought the game got right?
    • Though many seem to dislike the mummy ninja redesign of Grant, most seem to like what they did to his personality (despite looking like that he still acts like a laid-back and flippant swashbuckler) and story.
  • First Installment Wins - Aside from Shanoa and the newcomer Aeon, all of the characters in this game were introduced to the series before 2000, prior to when IGA became producer. References to the handheld Metroidvanias and the non-Nintendo 64 3D games are sparse: Death's music comes from Lament of Innocence, Trevor's ending foreshadows Curse of Darkness and most of the enemy models are taken from that game, Alucard's ending foreshadows Aria of Sorrow, and Eric's ending hints at a plot point introduced in Portrait of Ruin.
  • Fridge Horror/Fridge Logic: Carmilla is revealed to be responsible for Sypha's more Knight Templar persona in the game due to her effectively orchestrating the witch hunts, which resulted in Sypha being orphaned. Now, consider the reason Dracula hates humanity due to how his second wife Lisa ended up being mistaken for a witch and murdered, that means Carmilla may have been indirectly responsible for Dracula's genocidal views against humanity. Makes one wonder why Dracula even let Carmilla work alongside him knowing that.
  • Most Annoying Sound - Maria's constant high-pitched namedropping of The Four Gods quickly grows tiresome.
    • Eric's smug, arrogant quips can get really grating.
    • Playing through the non-story modes introduces the player to Dracula's teleport-happy AI, complete with repetitive taunts. "Where are you looking? Your tricks are useless!"
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Eric looks even more like a girl than he did in Bloodlines!
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