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Mrs. Brisby: Owls eat mice!

Jeremy: Uh...only after dark.
Now I wanna remind everyone of the House of Mouse rules: No smoking, no villainous schemes, and no guests eating other guests.
Mickey Mouse, House of Mouse
I'm not a crook! I'm the last honest man in Bikini Bottom! We're all animals, boys and girls; eating each other is what nature intended!
Mr Krabs, Robot Chicken (after it's revealed "Krabby Patties" are a literal name)
Stop eating our young!
Lrrr, Futurama
We weep for a bird's cry, but not for a fish's blood; blessed are those with a voice.
Major Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

Jon: I hate movies about man-eating lions. How can an animal possibly prey on an innocent victim?

Garfield: Explain that to the chicken you had for dinner.

(GG is in the kitchen, making a turkey sandwich.)

Wren: (Wren sniffs the air.) Is that...turke...(He blinks in horror.) Oh, god.

Falkina: (Falkina dashes into the kitchen) YOU! BASTARD! STOP! COOKING! BIRDS! (Falkina most likely pummels GG...or fails)

Wren: (Wren sweatdrops) ...He's a harpy. It's only natural he doesn't react too well when you decide to cook birds/fowls/avians...etc.

(GG sidesteps Falkina.)

GG: Not! My! Problem! Do you see me complaining about people eating humans? No? So shut the hell up.
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