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  • In Episode 8, Saber goes through a hellish workday at Ahnenerbe, including, but not limited to: Berserker assaulting the store, Gilgamesh being Gilgamesh, and people wasting food. At first, she gives the impression that it's because she wanted to help out (and to pay rent), but at the end, it turns out she wanted to buy Shirou a birthday present.
  • The entire Caster and Souichirou segment, culminating in Souichirou proposing to Caster as she uncontrollably weeps tears of joy.
  • It's sweet of Arc to go to such lengths to find the finest ingredients for Shiki's okonomiyaki, even though Hilarity Ensues as a result.
  • After Saber delivers the finishing blow to BerSer-CAR in the Ilya Castle Special episode arcade game.

 Shirou: "Saber, we're having steak for dinner tonight."

Saber: "I love you, Shirou!"

    • This is after Shirou had punished Saber by telling her she'd get no meals for two days after falling short in the previous levels.
  • The post-credits scene in the last episode, where everyone's gathered in and out of the Ahnenerbe for the closing party, including Kiritsugu, Irisviel and Ilya having a family dinner, and Taiga, Gilgamesh, and Iskander chugging down beers. It almost makes up for the happy endings they could never have in canon.
  • And, among the ones celebrating from the outside, a smiling Type-Venus from Angel Notes. Bet you didn't expect that one!
  • Special props to Hisui in episode 12. Despite Shiki running around all over town as part of his Zany Scheme, her tone of voice shows genuine gratitude in his just spending a little time with her.
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