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Despite being a huge Affectionate Parody, it is the Nasuverse after all.

  • The entirety of Episode 8 for the simple reason that every segment features- and focuses on- a different incarnation of Saber. And everyone knows that she's awesome incarnate.
    • Special props for Saber Alter turning Gilgamesh into her dominated boy toy... And the arrogant and proud King of Heroes liking it.
      • And that's made even better when comparing their Charisma stats.
  • Even if it was just for laughs, in Episode 5, Berserker still single-handedly won the Holy Grail War...while out shopping for batteries.
  • Phantasmoon: The Movie. Phantasmoon and Kaleido-Ruby joining forces to defeat a giant, monstrous Ilya... By summoning an equally giant Neko-Phantasmoon.
  • After being the universe's go to guy for being kicked around Lancer gets a chance to go back in time and undo his many deaths in episode 11. He defies death in increasingly badass ways among the things he does include: Throwing his spear to stop a lightning bolt, kicking Shinji into the horizon and breaking swords from Gate of Babylon.
    • Best of all, Just when you think Lancer dies in that episode due to the events of episode two, HE REACHES OUT OF HIS OWN GRAVE just to show that, no, Lancer did not die. That is a magnificent triple subversion of the shows Running Gag.
  • "Hello, this is Sajou..."
    • Let's see. male Saber. The protagonist's house looking exactly like the one from Witch on the Holy Night. The slimy priest being basically there. Lancer being basically all there. The Grail being basically all there, twist-wise. A red-clad girl, seen only from the back, more than reminding of a certain twin-tailed tsundere. Prototype Ilya in love with male Saber. The protagonist taking off her glasses to activate her power (remember, this is pre-Tsukihime). Excalibur firing into space. Oh, and Archer with the personality of Gilgamesh, and the powers of both him and Heroic Spirit Emiya. Are you enough of a Game Breaker now, Gil?!
  • Finally getting to see Shiki utilize his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception not once, but twice in episode 12.
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