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  • "Sakura and the Calendar of Memory", wherein Nadeshiko's great-grandfather Masaaki reconciles with Fujitaka, after Sakura learns of their relatiosnhip and gets him a birthday present.
  • Also, "Sakura and Her Memories of Her Mother." Specially when Sakura cries happy tears after seeing that the cause of the troubles was not her mother's spirit.
  • And the Final Judgement, before Kaho's Bell of the Moon eliminates Sakura's loss to Yue, and she and everyone she knows forgets whomever they loved the most.
  • Don't forget Sakura crying in Syaoran's arms after she pulls her own I Want My Beloved to Be Happy on Yukito and encourages him to hook up with his beloved Touya. She's almost completely happy and cheery when speaking to Yukito himself, but once she's with Syaoran in the park, she explains what she just did, and then she starts crying and saying that even if she did the right thing, and she doesn't regret it, it still hurts...
    • And Syaoran in the same scene in the manga. The look on his face when Sakura said that she told Yukito she loved him. He knew she liked Yukito, but that really had to hurt! And then in the next chapter, he decides that he won't tell Sakura how he feels, because he doesn't want to upset her. Dang!
  • Another mix of Tear Jerker and I Want My Beloved to Be Happy in the series is Meiling's return to Japan, where breaks off her engagement to Syaoran and tells him to go for Sakura, but then she bawls her heart out on Tomoyo's lap because she loves both Sakura and Syaoran too much to hate them for her heartbreak.
    • Given Meilin's Scrappy status at the start (although she later graduated to Jerk with a Heart of Gold), it was quite a shock when hearing her heartbroken sobs sent this horrible shiver up this troper's spine. Couldn't help but cry in concert with poor Meilin after that.
  • Sakura witnessing Clow's death is a double Tear Jerker: not only you get Clow saying goodbye to his creations, you get to see Sakura's face when she hears Kero and Yue claim no one will ever be as good as him. Ouch.
  • The following episode, where Yukito (now aware of Yue's existence and his status) angsts because his whole life as a human is a lie, but Touya reassures him that their common memories are true, and this happens right before Sakura's aforementioned I Want My Beloved to Be Happy moment towards Yukito and Touya, followed by her breakdown in Syaoran's arms brought even more tears.
  • Sweet lord... The end of the episode with The Mirror had me bawling. That particular card starts as a trickster with shades of Jerkass, but when Touya shows her genuine affection and she's so guilty after her Heel Face Turn that she drops Sakura hints about her identity so she can seal her as atonement, she becomes The Woobie. Poor, poor Mirror card. * sob*
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