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  • Fridge Horror: Speaking of Yukito's grandparents, when he rescued Sakura from the Illusion card from drowning (in the manga), he takes her to his home. Sakura finds herself with different clothes, and Yukito tells her that it was his grandmother who changed her clothes... but we later come to know that his grandparents don't exist. Yukito lives alone...
    • You also wonder how he can survive without a past even and has money to buy food and all...or how he happened to get that house all for himself.
    • How on earth did they get that past the censors?
    • Plot Hole. Perhaps the idea of bringing in grandparents was considered early on, but went out the door at some point. But they didn't realize the Unfortunate Implications.
  • notreallyatroper: I just realized that all of the cards in Cardcaptor Sakura that have humanoid forms have their eyes closed in card form because that’s when they’re in “deactivated” mode, or sleep mode, or whatever. Also, the reason the Sakura Cards are generally less detailed than the Clow Cards is that Sakura was creating them on the spot, with just the basic design from what she remembered. Clow, on the other hand, probably created the Clow Cards at his own leisure, taking his time to design the cards in detail.
  • In Episode 48, Tomoyo, Kero and Yue are trapped in vortices of water, which she defeats with Firey. She does this by evaporating the water. So she heats the water beyond boiling point, and the people in the water are somehow unharmed...
    • That would be Fridge Logic, not Fridge Brilliance. Wrong page.
    • And when she used Firey to melt the snow from the snow card it could have burned the city down. It's magic and it does what it's told.
  • When Sakura is capturing Erase, she mentions to Syaoran that Yukito 'transferred' in to their local high school for the third trimester of Touya's first year there. The third trimester of the Japanese school year starts after the New Year. Yukito's 'birthday' is December 25th. The reason he transferred in for the third trimester is because he didn't exist before then. Yukito himself must have really been created on his 'birthday'.
  • Yue is supposed to be ethnically European (well, as much as he can be ethnically anything at least). I stopped and thought about it a bit: he has light hair, light eyes, pale skin, and his battle costume is clearly a nod at the popular fashion of the European Baroque and Enlightenment periods. On top of that, the anime actually goes so far as to insinuate that Cerberus and Yue are both foreigners to Japan. It could also be one reason why his Japanese is a little irregular too, not as native-sounding.
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