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List of Captain Tsubasa YMMV entries.

They are classified in two folders: one dedicated to entries related to the franchise in general; the other to character-related entries.

Captain Tsubasa franchise in general

  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Soccer is big in Latin America, and this is a show about soccer. Even though the dub changed all the names and even the name of the show itself, ask any Latino born in the mid-to-late 80s and he will tell you that one of his favorite shows was Supercampeones. In fact, some soccer players cited this show as their reason why they played the sport in the first place.
    • Latin America (and Europe) weren't the place. In Girls of Riyadh it mentions in the introductory or first chapter that it was huge in the Middle East and that children grew up watching the dub.
    • Interestingly, the Captain Tsubasa category in Fanfiction.Net--created in the late 1990's or early 2000's--was populated only by non-English fanfiction for the longest time; one of the few categories to have the honor.
  • Ho Yay: While this series was written WAY before the Bishonen Jump Syndrome kicked in, it still was THE starting point of the biggest pillars from what would become one of the first generations of Yaoi doujinshii authors. In fact, Minami Ozaki from Zetsuai 1989 fame began her career as a Hyuuga/Wakashimazu doujinshi author -- it's still very noticeable in how Takuto Izumi, one of the Zetsuai male leads, is pretty much what Hyuuga would've been if CT was a yaoi series. (And hilariously, both Izumi and Road to 2002!Hyuga were voiced by Takehito Koyasu)
  • Jerk Sue: Tsuki W.'s Paola Wakabayashi, from an infamously long fic on Fanfiction.Net. She's also a Relationship Sue since she mostly exists to be Ken Wakashimazu's one true love from childhood, but Paola also doubles as this because in Tsuki's own words she's "the strong and feminist woman that every CT girl should've been"... but technically she's just a petty, classist, shallow and victimised Alpha Bitch from Hell who treats the people around her like shit yet is still unconditionally adored and loved by everyone around her (and those who don't are turned into pretty much Complete Monsters, like Kumi and Schneider's sister Marie). As for examples of her Jerk Sue nature, eh, better check this plurk paste that has her blurb on the now example-less Jerk Sue page.
  • Narm: Who the HELL would ride a horse through the streets of modern Paris to reach a soccer stadium? Why, Monsieur El Si Pierre, of course! This scene courtesy of Road to 2002, and made even more nosensical when we realize how OOC it is for someone like Pierre according to his manga backstory.
  • Relationship Sue: The Spanish fringe of the fandom gives us hundreds of Relationship Sues who only seem to exist to bang almost every handsome soccer player on sight, slobber all over their love interests, be a bitch to other girls (specially Kumi or Marie Schneider) and be presented as a saint and perfect in every way even when you want to strangle them. Even worse, the Suethors often go to the extreme of borrowing each other's Mary Sues, co-writing monstrosities in which their Sues are BFFs and help each other snag the hot guys they want.
    • The most infamous cases are "Lily del Valle" and "Paola Wakabayashi". The first one is the Author Avatar of a lady with a similar first name and a mad obsession with Genzo Wakabayashi, who's written almost 100 fics in which Lily is Genzo's One True Love, not to mention she's got a VERY polemic reputation in fandom due to plagiarism and all around Jerk Assery towards her critics (Link in Spanish). The second, written by a former BFF of sorts of Lily, is Genzo's bitchy cousin and Ken Wakashimazu's Super true Love, also adored by many other males (her ex-boyfriend Schneider, her stepbrother El Si Pierre, her Jerk Jock Hopeless Suitor Ryoma Hino and the already mentioned and constantly-abused boyfriend Ken Wakashimazu love her to boot, despite her shabby treatment of all of them.) She's also a huge Jerk Sue that has the whole CT universe bending over to her whims, but that's something else.
  • Spiritual Licensee: Kunio Kun's Soccer League games.
  • Woolseyism (The names in many dubs were replaced with more local names, they stuck, and to this date, Tsubasa Ohzora and Genzou Wakabayashi are officially known in Latin America and Spain as Oliver Atom and Benji Price)
    • "Local" might be a bit of a stretch, as "Pryce" is as much of a Spanish surname as "Wakabayashi" is...
    • And there are games adapted from this series made by Tecmo where everthing was changed.

Captain Tsubasa characters

  • Angst? What Angst?: Several characters, among them Tsubasa, Aoi, Ishizaki, and Kumi (who bounces back really fast after having her crush rejected)
  • Die for Our Ship: In Captain Tsubasa fandom, Kumi suffers a lot of this from Tsubasa/Sanae fans, for daring to crush on Tsubasa.
  • Draco in Leather Pants (While he has a pretty good Freudian Excuse, fangirls forget how much of an abusive Jerkass Hyûga was to his rivals at first, as well as how many times his bad temper and arrogance has brought him genuine trouble after his Character Development)
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: In some circles, Morisaki's Woobie streak has gained him more than one fangirl. Izawa and Ishizaki's mother are others examples.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In The Nineties Takehito Koyasu voiced Takuto Izumi from Zetsuai, an obvious Hyuga Expy. Flashforward more than 10 years... and guess who voices Adult!Hyuuga in Road to 2002?
  • Jerkass Woobie: Hyûga, Espada and Levin are revealed as shining examples of this. They have good reasons to not be super nice guys, bur that's not an excuse for the way they treat other people.
  • Moe: Kumi.
  • Never Live It Down: Morisaki. We can't blame him for not able to stop Jito & Sano's trick shoots nor Hyuga's overpowered Tiger Shot, but thanks to Tecmo's game adaptions, where he is useless, he's sometime considered a Chew Toy by a fandom.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Though there was a bit of Ship Tease between Yukari and Ishizaki in WYC, it was easy to miss it until he asked her out while laying on the infimary during the match against Brazil. To be fair, the Last-Minute Hookup scene was very cute.
  • The Scrappy: If there's a non-playing character likely to be hated in the fandom, it's either Kumi or Kanda.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Badass?: Sanae's pluckiness and cheerful disposition is often ignored or handwaved by fangirls, who bash her by falsely accusing her of being "weak", "a stalker" and "a bad example for girls" because she's less tomboyish as time passes. Blame the Values Dissonance, not her!
  • The Woobie: Misugi, Aoi, Morisaki, Akai, and Roberto.
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