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The characters list for Captain Planet and the Planeteers

The Planeteers

The Planeteers are five teenagers from five different continents assembled by Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth to defend the world from pollution, criminals, and natural disasters. When the situation is too much for them to handle they let their powers combine to summon the environmental superhero, Captain Planet. A monkey is with them too.

File:Cpgaia 5969.gif


  Gaia, the spirit of Earth, is the protector of the planet. She brought the Planeteers to her home, Hope Island to help her in the battle to save Earth.

File:Cpkwame 2587.gif


  A 16-year-old conservationist from Africa, Kwame is the group's level-headed voice of reason and de facto leader. Kwame's ring was of the element earth, used to create small, localized earthquakes; move rocks in the earth; cause holes or furrows in the earth for planting; create tiny islands by raising rocks from the shallows of the ocean; and turn mud into solid ground.

File:Cpwheeler 8482.gif


  A 17-year-old street-wise smart alec from North America, Wheeler probably knows the least about matters about the environment but his heart in the right place. While he has been known to flirt with other women, he developed feelings for Linka. Wheeler's ring was the element of fire, used to create tiny bolts of lightning or create and direct small fires.

File:Cplinka 5062.gif


  A 16-year-old ornithology expert from Eastern Europe, Linka is the team's no-nonsense strategist and computer expert. Linka likes to think logically, and use common sense when on missions, but has developed feelings for the impulsive Wheeler. Linka's ring was the element of wind, used to command it to swirl or gust, or create small tornadoes.

File:Cpgi 4113.gif


  A college student of marine biology from Southeast Asia, Gi is skilled in high-tech equipment and, like Linka, is a computer expert. She is very passionate and protective of both ocean life and her friends and family. Gi's ring was the element of water, used to control any water source, creating small squirts to waves and water spouts depending on the size of the source.

File:Cpma-ti 9701.gif

Ma-Ti and Suchi

  A member of the Kayapo Indian tribe in South America, Ma-Ti is the youngest Planeteer at 12. He has a troublesome pet monkey named Suchi, who he had rescued before he became a Planeteer. Ma-Ti's ring was the element of heart, which enables him to communicate telepathically with animals, the other Planeteers, and Gaia.

File:Cplanet 7457.gif

Captain Planet

  Captain Planet is the result of the Planeteers powers being combined and magnified. He is summoned by the Planeteers as a last resort to save the day. He can use all the Planteers powers and blend them to make more. His weaknesses are pollution and hate.

Eco Villains

The Eco Villains are a small group of villains and their subordinates who wreak havoc on the Earth with pollution, wildlife endangerment or shady business dealings. Why many of them do this is never explained other than the fact that they can.

File:Cphoggish 7090.gif

Hoggish Greedly

  A man resembling a pig who represents the environmental damage caused by the exploitation of natural resources and overconsumption.

File:Cplooten 2555.gif

Looten Plunder

  A wealthy poacher and greedy businessman who represents the evils of uncontrolled capitalism, unethical business actions, and globalization.

File:Cpsly 806.gif

Sly Sludge

  An unscrupulous waste disposer who represents the environmental damage caused by ignorance and laziness, and the environmental problems caused by waste disposal.

File:Cpduke 2851.gif

Duke Nukem

  No, not that Duke Nukem. A radioactive mutant who represents the perils of nuclear power and ozone depletion.

File:Cpvskumm 8161.gif

Verminous Skumm

  A part man, part rat creature who represents the evils of poor sanitation, urban decay, and uncontrolled crime.

File:Cpblight 6220.gif

Dr. Barbara Blight

  A mad scientist who represents the dangers of uncontrolled technology and unethical scientific experimentation.


File:Cpzarm 6143.gif

  The former spirit of the Earth, who left Gaia in search of other lands and ended up laying other populous planets to ruin. Represents war and destruction.

Captain Pollution

  An evil counterpart to Captain Planet that is a result of the combination and magnification of the powers of rings of destructions created by Dr. Blight. He has the powers of super radiation, deforestation, smog, toxics, and hate and consuming and bathing in more pollution makes him bigger and stronger. He is defeated twice by Captain Planet, the latter may have been for good.

The Slaughters

  A family of poachers led by Mame Slaughter and her son and second-in-command, Stalker Slaughter, represents the dangers of poaching and hunting endangered animals.


  The various henchmen for the Eco Villains that include Rigger, Greedly's Yes-Man (well "yep" man); Argos Bleek, a mercenary soldier, and leader of Plunder's private army; Oakey and Dokey, Plunder's two unintelligent lumberjack employees; Ooze, Sludge's whiner sidekick; Tank Flusher III, Sludge's strongman garbage collector; Leadsuit, Nukem's cowardly errand boy; the Rat Pack, Skumm's part man, part rat thugs who eventually dwindle in size into just one rather competent nameless henchman; and MAL, Dr. Blight's evil high-intellectual supercomputer.

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