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Both films contains examples of: Edit

  • Complete Monster: Max Cady, especially in the original. De Niro is Ax Crazy, but he doesn't have that same quiet menace that Mitchum does.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Robert Mitchum and Robert De Niro. So, yes.

1962 film: Edit

  • Complete Monster: Max Cady as played by Robert Mitchum is so far ahead of his time that he is utterly terrifying because he had absolutely no redeeming qualities.

  Cady: Speakin' about your wife and kid, I got a little caper planned for them...I got something planned for your wife and kid that they ain't never gonna forget.

1991 film: Edit

  • Complete Monster: Cady, afyer lawyer Sam Bowden buries evidence that would acquit him for the brutal rape of a teenager, spends his prison sentence preparing for revenge against Bowden. Cady starts by stalking him and his family, before brutally raping his colleague Lori Davis. Cady then begins to ruin Sam’s livelihood, poisons his dog, plans to rape his wife and daughter, and murders a housekeeper and a private detective. Hiding his cruelty and utter loathsomeness behind charm and a religious self-righteousness, Cady was a hypocritical sadist to his core.
  • Genius Bonus: How many viewers were able to understand all of Cady's literary references, especially those to The Divine Comedy?
  • Jerkass Woobie: Sam Bowden.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Cady’s rape of Lori.
  • Narm:
    • Try and tell me that you didn't laugh when Sam slipped in Kersek’s blood. The fact that his wife also slipped trying to help him only made it worse.
    • When Cady drowns at the end, he begins screaming gibberish that mostly sounds like “bloh de blah”

* The Woobie: Lori.