• Dork Age: Capcom's business decision since around 2009 have been shedding a much darker light on the company. Many fans now believe that what they have been doing is considered to be very similar to Activision. Capcom appears to be reveling in their own Sequel Stagnation once again, and many of their good franchises have been killed off because of that policy. They have also begun to, perhaps intentionally, release many of their (fighting) games feeling bare-boned and incomplete, and constantly releasing DLC that very few people, if not nobody, actually want. This, along with fan-perceived Kick the Dog moments such as the bizarre Continuity Reboot of Devil May Cry, and their refusal to export the second Ace Attorney Investigations and the much-anticipated Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney. It doesn't help that, shortly after the departure of Keiji Inafune, they began cancelling all things Mega Man (most notably Mega Man Legends 3), and offered Suspiciously Specific Denials to the effect that the two are unrelated. All of this has seriously harmed the public's general perception of the company.
  • Never Live It Down: Fans are simply not going to let go of the fact that Capcom has cancelled Mega Man Legends 3, and gave Mega Man himself the shaft in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Case in point? Capcom recently announced a new Capcom-themed restaurant in Japan. Cue several fans making jokes about Mega Man themed orders being cancelled.
    • Ditto for Street Fighter X Tekken, except replace "cancellation" with "on-disc DLC".
      • Now we can add "glitches within a patch that fixes glitches" to the list, or "Glitchception", as Maximillian puts it.
  • Scapegoat Creator: Slowly, the company is starting to become one of these, as everything that goes wrong is blamed solely on the Developers, even though the Higher up executives are the ones most likely to be blamed for some of their more recent choices of business as of late.
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