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Candice Bergen, daughter of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, is a former fashion model and a darling of the television industry. A five-time Emmy winner for early-1990s sitcom Murphy Brown, Bergen has since graced the small screen as a Special Guest Star in series such as Seinfeld, Law and Order, Sex and the City and Will and Grace. Younger tropers will most likely remember her as Shirley Schmidt, the foxy, feisty, brilliant attorney lusted after (and loved) by both Denny Crane and Alan Shore in the hit series Boston Legal.

Bergen is no stranger to the silver screen, either. She made her big-screen breakout in Carnal Knowledge and has since starred in critically acclaimed films such as The Wind and The Lion and A Night Full of Rain as well as blockbusters like Miss Congeniality, Sex and the City and Sweet Home Alabama. She even earned herself an Oscar nomination in 1979 for the hit romance Starting Over, but lost to Meryl Streep (Kramer vs. Kramer).

Oh, and did we mention she is very, very sexy?

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