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== Western Animation ==
== Western Animation ==
* [[American Dad|''American Dad'']]: How does [[Aliens Are Bastards|Roger the Alien]] react to Stan insulting him? Why, [[Disproportionate Retribution|he just tries to blow up the entire Earth]], [[Evil Is Petty|that's what]]!
* [[American Dad|''American Dad'']]: How does [[Aliens Are Bastards|Roger the Alien]] react to Stan insulting him? Why, [[Disproportionate Retribution|he just tries to blow up the entire Earth]], [[Evil Is Petty|that's what]]!
* This is Prince Lotor's [[Fatal Flaw]] in ''[[Voltron: Legendary Defender]]. ''He will never EVER allow anyone to criticise his plans, and even worse if someone compares his ideas to those of his [[Archnemesis Dad]] Zarkon.
[[Category:Can't Take Critcism]]
[[Category:Can't Take Critcism]]

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Listening to criticism is never easy, whether it's being put down in a blunt manner because we made a mistake or it's being criticized for the decisions we've made, especially if it's moral. Instead of taking heed to it, some would break down miserably and are unable or unwilling to make themselves better. Some people, however go as far as to become unexpectedly enraged by it. They hate being criticized in every way possible. At best, they often mistake the criticism for an insult more than Constructive Criticism, or maybe the criticism was too unpleasant and harsh for them to handle. At worst, the character just naturally hates criticism period and would rather listen to something they want to hear. Even gentle criticism will cause the character to dish out Disproportionate Retribution. That is this character, and they are more often than not among the lowest of the low.

A common trait of the Narcissist, the Psychopathic Manchild, The Prima Donna and the Insufferable Genius. It is also the hallmark of a Small Name, Big Ego character. Can easily make the character prone to Wangst.

Contrast Heroic Self-Deprecation, when a character is prone to criticizing themselves.

Anime and Manga

  • A Certain Magical Index: When Touma points out the flaws in Vento of the Front's Irrational Hatred of Science (namely, that the doctors didn't have the resources to save both her and her brother and their injuries in the amusement park were nothing but an accident), Vento completely loses it and tells him to shut up.
  • Clannad: Played for Laughs. Sanae runs out crying when anyone says her bread is bad. Of course, it's almost inedible.
  • Death Note: This is Light Yagami's biggest flaw (springing directly from his overwhelming Pride). Suggesting or outright stating that what he is doing as Kira is wrong or evil is a very good way to end up dead. He also walks out on a family meeting where his father is calling Kira nothing but a murderer and later he looks visibly upset when  the Kira Taskforce begins to (rightly) doubt his innocence again. In fact, when Lind L. Tailor insulted him on national television, calling what he was doing evil, Light's immediate response was to use the Death Note to kill him on the spot, writing his name extra big in there!
  • Dragon Ball Z: Frieza nonchalantly mentions that when he was told he'd never be worthy of the Namekian Dragon Balls, he killed the elder who said so. As he puts it, he's never taken bad news well.

Frieza: Well, as you can imagine, I had quite a difficult time convincing the poor fellow to see me as worthy. I was told flat-out I'd never obtain a single Dragon Ball. And since I've never been one to take bad news well, I'm afraid I killed him.

  • Kaze no Stigma: Catherine McDonald has shades of this. When Ayano describes the McDonalds as 'some random family' and Kazuma points out that killing Yoma is more stroking her own ego than actually training, she instantly demands that they take it back, and when Kazuma points out the flaws in her strategy (namely, her over-reliance on Metatron and trying to win the battle with her first attack), she silently expresses her anger, believing he has no right to point out what she's doing wrong despite acknowledging that he's right.
  • Rosario + Vampire: In the anime, during the fight against Kuyou, Inner Moka tells him that he's nothing but a corrupt bastard and has no right to "preach about preserving order and protecting the peace." In response, Kuyou angrily tells her to shut up right before Moka drop-kicks him through the roof.


Live-Action TV

  • The Big Bang Theory: This is often Played for Laughs. A lot of the cast have moments of this to some degree, but Sheldon Cooper absolutely cannot abide it. When Stephen Hawking corrects his work, it's like a Logic Bomb: as he can't accept that he made an elementary mistake, but he can't contradict the great Stephen Hawking... so he faints. Though, it was less that he was criticised and more that he gave a paper with a mistake to Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking: Great, another fainter.

  • Breaking Bad: In "Say My Name", Mike Ehrmantraut massively chews out Walter White for his Pride and ego getting in the way of the meth business. Walt's response? He gets pissed off and shoots the hitman inside the latter's car.
  • Game of Thrones: Whenever Ramsay is resisted or challenged, he reacts with poorly-suppressed rage.
    • Any attempt to call Cersei out on her poor decisions or dysfunctional plans will result in her brushing it off or entering a state of cold rage.

Cersei: I've done nothing.
Tyrion: Quite right, you did nothing...when your son called for Lord Stark's head!
Cersei: I tried to stop him....
Tyrion: Did you? You failed! That bit of theatre will haunt our family for a generation! Now the entire North has risen up against us...
Cersei: Robb Stark is a child...
Tyrion: Who's won every battle he's fought!


Joffrey: Traitors! I'll have all their heads!
Tyrion: Oh, you blind, bloody fool!
Joffrey: You can't insult me.
Tyrion: We've had vicious kings, and we've had idiot kings, but I don't know if we've ever been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king.
Joffrey: Y-Y-You can't—
Tyrion: I can! I am!
Joffrey: They attacked ME!
Tyrion: They threw a cow pie at you so you decide to kill them all! They're starving, you fool! All because of a war you started!
Joffrey: You are talking to a KING!
Tyrion: And now I've struck a king. Did my hand fall from my wrist?!


Video Games

  • Bioshock: In the middle of the Fort Frolic mission, Sander Cohen decides that you are a doubter (keep in mind you literally said nothing to him), and launches a four wave splicer assault on you set to a Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles: Tyrea definitely counts. When Reyn gives her a "Reason You Suck" Speech about how her hatred of Melia is more out of jealousy than a belief that she'd be a better ruler, and precisely why she wouldn't be, Tyrea refuses to listen and sneers 'How dare you!' at him. Twice.

Western Animation

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