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Common Route

  • Natsumi, being blunt and straight forward as he is, non-chalantly explains to his campmates about his sexual escapades (with Keitaro).
  • Yuri lampshading and dropping her thought regarding various stereotypical BL plotline on Keitaro's head, such as Hiro being the Childhood Friend Romance character and Natsumi being the cool Seme type.
  • A lot of Keitaro's inner thoughts are pretty amusing by themselves.
  • While the scene is meant to be serious, one of the choices Keitaro can reply to Goro when answering about his purpose for enrolling in the camp is "I want to get a laid".
  • During the investigation to prove Keitaro's innocence, Aiden (accidently?) reveals that he and Yoshinori had been sleeping together naked. Yoichi, being serious for once, asks him whether or not this detail from his testimony is important for solving the case.
    • In the same investigation, Seto feeling he have to explain in great detail how he had to go masturbate in the bushes because of how his BL game aroused him, the funniest part being that you clearly don't expect that from him as he was pretty serious since the beginning of the game, and suddenly...
    • And, likewise, Eduard explaining in great detail his morning routine, with even Lee having to tell him to abbreviate his story.
    • Of course, the boys interviewing these three are absolutely delighted to learn all of that.
  • Goro's Pandaing to the Audience with his Panda Costume .
  • Lee justifying his costume at the costume party and then fainting because it was too heavy for him.
  • Yuri's costumes for the party are clearly not Halloween ones, giving how skimpy some of them are, and she's very insistant on not telling where they came from.

Hiro's Route

  • During the Beach Episode, one of the choices will lead to Hiro's Naked Apron being caught on fire.
  • Following his Heel Realization, Goro started to have a much better relationship with Aiden, even wearing an embarassing Granny Apron while aiding the former in baking cookies. (Too bad that there is no sprite for such occassion.) Also, his comment regarding Aiden's fashion sense.
    • Goro: I won't tolerate such a revealing attire.
  • The very serious scene of Yoshinori taking Hiro and Keitaro visiting Hiro's sick mother at the hospital is pretty gloomy at first. Until they arrive at the hospital and :
    • Yoshi tells them that Hina Akiba is on the third floor, room 69.
    • Yoshi tells the boys that Yuri asked him to get her some "Hardcore Yaoi" in a library while he's in town, but he doesn't know what it is and say that he'll have to ask the librarian...

Yoichi's Route

  • During the sick episode, Natsumi, Hunter, and Hiro follow Taiga everywhere to investigate the framing incident.. and they end up comparing his dick size with each other.
    • Yoichi: What the hell?! Did you guys seriously just follow him around to compare dick sizes?! Bunch of pervs.
  • Yuri's reaction to Keitaro's "porn" photos of Yoichi.
    • It gets better: Yoshinori snatches the photo from Yuri, claiming that since he is in charge of the activity, all of the related items belong to him as well. Yuri immediately accuses him for having an ulterior motive behind this action.
  • Yoichi's reaction after he figures out that the kinky sex toys that Keitaro found in the shed and used on him belong to Yuri.
  • Yoichi's realization after Keitaro telling him that his party outfit makes him look like an adorable puppy instead of big badass wolf.

Natsumi's Route

  • Post Sport Festival, Keitaro is given several options to weither or not to tell his friends regarding his and Natsumi's sexual escapade. The only option to tells his friends will result in Keitaro not telling them.
  • The activities done during the Beach trip
    • The Swimsuit Contest.
      • The campers are surprised by Yuri's huge collection of male swimwears.
      • Keitaro begins the contest by wearing a rather goofy (yet fitting) frog swimming brief.
      • The contest continues with Eduard and his flashy outfit, until Seto spices it up with his rather revealing swimsuit.
      • Aiden decides to join the contest as well by wearing.. a leaf.
      • Finally, Yoichi enters the scene wearing.. nothing at all, sending Yuri on to the floor of the beach in ecstacy.
      • Unsursprisingly, Yoichi ends up winning the contest, and is given a Barely-There Swimwear as a prize.
    • The Scavenger Hunt
      • Yuri's description for the three items each team must find is.. pretty suggestive. Yoichi, knowing her exact thought, concludes that the answer to all items is for him to provide jerk off show in front of her (and Goro).
      • Yuri's disappointment after Keitaro's group manage to find the three items (a seashell, a sea anemone, and a coconut) that are all far from her fantasy.
  • Keitaro and Natsumi are tasked with sorting the confisticated items inside the office. Among the items they inspect are Seto's Pnesp, the nude photo of Goro from earlier.. and a kinky sex toy that is heavily implied to belong to Yoshinori.
    • The best part of all? "Property of Y.N.".
    • ... which can also be Yuri Nomuru ! (Which is later proven in Yoichi's route)
    • The real question is, how does this particular toy got in Goro's confistication drawer in the first place.
    • Not helped at all by Yoshinori's choices of words that made it sounds like he is concocting a Suspiciously Specific Denial.
Natsumi: What is it Scoutmaster Yoshi?
Yoshinori: This is a prohibited toy I found somewhere in the camp shed.
Natsumi: A toy huh? Then why does it have spikes all over it.
Yoshinori: I-I'm not sure either. But something like this must be keep away from the other camp members as far as possible.

Hunter's Route

  • In the sick episode, Natsumi casually touching Keitaro's traces of semen while taking his sheets and clothes to the laundry, asking himself naively what it might be, while Hunter is looking at the whole thing, horrified.
  • The Truth or Dare game at the beach :
    • Natsumi starts and asks Keitaro a Truth : The most embarrasing thing he made in class. Keitaro tells a story of him being asleep in class but Hiro reveals that he was in fact moaning in his dream. Then Natsumi make a fool of himself trying to imitate what Keitaro's moaning might have sound like.
    • Keitaro picks Yoichi who go for Dare and has to hug Natsumi for a full minute.
    • And then Yoichi asks Hiro who go for Dare too and have to... strip, which he do, ending bare nude in the tent, until Natsumi tells him he could have just take his handkerchief off, as Yoichi just asked him to "strip", not to get fully naked.
    • However, Mood Whiplash ensues as Hunter chooses Truth and have to tell Hiro, jealous that Hunter spend more time with Keitaro, if he has a crush on him. Embarrassed, Hunter leaves for the bathroom.
  • On Day 24, Hiro discuss with Keitaro about his relationship with Hunter, and Keitaro doesn't seems to understand, leading Hiro to break the 4th wall and litteraly say : "Oh, come on ! You know what I'm talking about ! You're not dense on this route, remember?", reffering to how Keitaro is oblivious to his feelings in his own route.

Taiga's Route

  • Keitaro, Hunter, and Natsumi are assigned to wash the laundry from Taiga's group, with the three going through Eduard's flamboyant designs, Lee's questionable ones, and Taiga's Stripperiffic jockstrap.
  • Yuri decides to up her exercise in this route by having Taiga and Keitaro trade their swimsuits with each other as part of the exercise for them to understand each other better by being in each other shoes, literally. The funniest part? It was Yoshinori who came up with the idea.
    • Keitaro sniffing on Taiga's swimsuit while changing is to his. 
    • This line from Yuri:
  • Remember that missing Goro's apron sprite in Hiro's route? turns out that the developers finally added this in.
  • Before Goro goes to the meeting at the town council, Yuri requests printing supplies, Aiden asks for additional baking ingredients, and Yoshinori requests lubricant.. for the wagon wheels.
  • One of the supermarket's advertisements is "BUY ONE TOY GET ONE FREE". That's right, they're advertising sex toy in the supermarket! 
    • Then again, this particular supermarket's name is CocksCo.
  • Being a Genre Savvy person, Yuri quickly makes it clear to Keitaro and Kieran that she knows that there is a complex and dramatic Love Triangle between Taiga and the two of them. Keitaro and Kieran are flabbergasted.
  • Yuri actually wanted Yoshinori to wear Captain America costume, but it's turned out that the costume was so tight that Yoshi literally tore it off, thus he had to settle for cowboy costume.
  • The revelation that practically everyone at the camp knew that Keitaro and Taiga have been getting on together since the beach trip. Yoichi even has to point out that both of them had the same scent that incriminates their sexual escapades.
    • The funniest part of all? Natsumi misinterprated Yoichi's words about the "smell" to be Keitaro and Taiga sharing perfume together.
  • The fact that it is Taiga of all people who notices Goro's feeling toward Yoshinori, and actively ships them together.


  • Kieran's age is erroneously stated to be 46 in the artbook.
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