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  • A twofer with one gun: in Modern Warfare 2, Price is handed back his 1911 pistol back by Soap, after he kept it when Price slid it to him in order to kill the Big Bad of the first game. However, this is repeated in Modern Warfare 3 when Soap dies and Price lays his pistol on Soap's body, as he tries to not lose control over the loss of his friend.
    • The impact of the scene is enhanced by the fact that Price reflects on the long history between him and Soap as various pictures of Soap and Price are shown in cheery moods during their Task Force 141 days (Ghost appears in one of these pictures too along with what looks like an American soldier). Price then says regarding Soap that you don't really appreciate your friends and their accomplishments until they are gone and you try your best to keep the fond memories of them alive even as their faces fade from your memory.
  • In Modern Warfare 3, shortly after Soap dies, Baseplate aka MacMillan consoles Price upon hearing of what happened, even calling him "Son" and in his voice you can tell he really gives a damn about his protoge, you get that fatherly vibe off him.
    • The fatherly vibe is present in every conversation. Note that he is the only person in any of the games to address Price by his first name, John. Even as late as the current game, the Master Apprentice Chain remains intact.
  • In the last screen, it's shown that Price has cleared the names of those in Task 141. All those called criminals get a pardon and Price himself has his rank restored. Too bad Soap's pardon is posthumous.
  • There's a moment in MW 3, second to last mission I believe as you search for the Russian prime minster. After a lengthy firefight, you duck into some tunnels and run down a ramp. As you round the corner, there are two Russians standing there. At first, this troper shot them out of reflex, but after noticing that the bodies had fallen close together and on their faces without firing back, he reloaded the checkpoint out of curiosity. Upon running down the same tunnel for a second time without shooting, the scene was this. Two soldiers, unarmed and limping, holding onto one another for support. It was such a small, human moment that he couldn't fire at them again. This was of course negated somewhat when one of the AI teammates then gunned them down without thinking. They were avenged though, as all the AI teammates are killed at the end of the level.
  • "We added a lot of names to the clock tower today...."
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