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Californication is a Showtime Dramedy starring David Duchovny and Natascha McElhone.

Duchovny plays Hank Moody, a ladies' man and occasional novelist who likes his booze and pot a bit too much. His life has slowly fallen apart as his significant other Karen leaves him and he fails to produce any kind of written work. After accidentally sleeping with Mia, the underaged daughter of Karen's new fiancé, he proceeds to write his new novel, "Fucking and Punching" (something akin to a present-day Lolita) about the affair. One of two copies is stolen when his car is jacked. The other copy is stolen by his underage lover, who is seeking to carve out a niche as writer for herself. In series two, the happy couple get back together until Karen starts a job in New York, leaving Hank back in abhorred Los Angeles with his daughter Becca, who has taken a liking to the city of angels. During series three, Hank deals with Becca's puberty and his new job as a teacher. In season four, "Fucking and Punching" is revealed to be in fact Hank's book (and therefore reveals he slept with Mia), but he narrowly avoids a statutory rape charge. Season five picks up three years later, where Hank is working for a gangster named Samurai Apocalypse.

Season six is currently in production for 2013. The newest season will take place in New York, where Hank's book, "God Hates Us All," will be turned into a musical called "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Maggie Grace will play a Catholic school girl in the new season, and Sarah Wynter will play the wife to Atticus Fetch, a music producer for the musical.

Not to be confused with the Red Hot Chili Peppers album of the same name.

Californication provides examples of:

 Eddie: I think we should kill someone tonight. I mean like a hobo or something.

[ringtone] Hank:Thank God!

{{quote| Eddie: I took a man in my mouth. I played his skin flute like Kenny G, like Kenny G on ecstasy [gargles] And then he gave me his gift, gifted me on the inside.

  Hank: Hey, big guy! You and me. We've never done this before, but... desperate times call for desperate measures.

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