CBBC, as well as being a digital TV channel, is the collective name for all BBC output directly aimed at children, as well as the terrestrial channels' children shows times. (At least, children of primary-school age or older. Younger kids have CBeebies, which features much more on-screen presentation between shows, as well as guest presenters reading stories.)

Between shows, CBBC has a presenter or two, who tells the audience what is coming up and reads out cards and stuff sent in by the audience. There are also competitions. Between its launch in 1985 and 1994, it was broadcast from BBC1's continuity suite, known as "the broom cupboard". (Almost anyone old enough to remember this era considers it the golden age.) Many presenters have been accompanied by cheeky puppets, notably Gordon the Gopher, Edd the Duck and Otis the Aardvark, and currently[when?] the dogs Dodge, Hacker and Yonko.

CBBC shows:

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