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  Hold on to your asses, ass-holders.

Buttlord GT can best be described as an Affectionate Parody of Dragonball Z. 'Affectionate' in the sense that it takes the tropes present in DBZ and takes them Up to Eleven.

Basically, there are three jokes here:

1) Dragonball Z is boring.

2) Dragonball Z is kind of homoerotic.

3) Groin Attacks are funny.

Crass and immature, but hilarious nonetheless.

Tropes original to Buttlord GT:

 Takahashi: Now's my chance... Nad Beast! Give me ecstacy... Give me BRAD!!

Snowflake: Who?


  Snowflake: "BEAT IT, ASS-PIRATE!"

  Huge: "Dude, your dad is fucking retarded."

 Buttlord: Yo, 'Flake! You need to read the pizants, my home skillet!

  Snowflake [After crushing Screw's head]: Ah, he is UNCONSCIOUS.

    • Also the frequent references to "getting sent to another dimension", a direct reference to the Dragonball dub's bowdlerizations. Taken to its logical conclusion when King Pie, who lives in the "Another Dimension", takes a shortcut home by shooting himself.
  • Nice Guy: The comic plays off Buttlord's final form as this, but it soon becomes apparent it doesn't do anything to reduce his destructive nature. Quite the opposite, actually.
  • Nice Hat: Screw's baseball cap, adorned with a picture of a screw. He even delays his arrival to the fight when he loses it.
  • Nice Job Shoryukening The Guy Holding The Planet Together In The Balls, Hero
  • Noodle Incident: Happens naturally as the result of referencing material parodying events from earlier in Dragonball Z than the Namek saga:

  Takahashi: "I haven't seen Huge like this since he fought Buttlord!"

 Snowflake: You fool! Do you realize what you have done??

Takahashi: You started the fight scene! Now we're all going to be drawn by the... 3rd String Backup Animation Team!!

Glutes: My god, what have I done? AAAAAAAAA! WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO MY BODY??

  • Omnicidal Maniac: Buttlord. Yes, the hero of the story is more of one than any of the villains in the comic. Most apparent when he socks Huge in the nuts and kills him for no reason other than to be a dick while he's holding the planet together from a gigantic crack. Which, by the way, was also caused by Buttlord being a destructive idiot.
  • Planet Explodes Everyone Dies
  • Power Makes Your Hair Grow: Taken to ridiculous extremes. One "Hair Boner" is easily twenty feet tall.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner

 Buttlord: You've got something on your face.


 Huge: I discovered that Kevin has the mind of a 13 year old child. He has no concept of reality or limits. Trust your father, young Glutes. His juvenile fantasy world may make him act in ways we might see as retarded, but it is also the source of his fantastic ultimate power. As long as he believes he is 1337, Buttlord will save the universe.

  • Shout-Out: At one point, Buttlord and King Pie are playing King of Fighters inside their capsule. Once Buttlord reaches his final form, he's sporting Dan Hibiki's hairstyle and Dee Jay's pants.
    • Near the end of the comic, Buttlord demands Brad to pump up the music on his car's stereo, which starts playing Eminem's Lose Yourself, complete with Buttlord donning a hoodie. Then Snowflake shows up and whacks him in the face with a street sign that reads 8 Mile.
  • Smoke Shield

  Screw: He is obviously finished. No one could survive that much dust.


  • Toilet Humor: In spades, and occasionally featuring an actual toilet.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Mr. Huge is perhaps the most extreme example of this in any media.
  • Trash Talk: omnipresent, and often as bizarre as the rest of the comic.

 Screw: You like that, honkey? You wanna wrap that up and take it home so your mom can sleep with it and maybe you?

Snowflake: Dude, that hardly makes sense at all.

 Buttlord: Ok! Now all I need to do is run into some random as shit aliens who will save me and then -



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