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Bunker 10 is a Sci Fi/Thriller/Horror novel written in 2007 by Sottish author J.A. Henderson. It has a convoluted Twist Ending, but to find out about that, we suggest readig the book.

Jimmy Hicks is just like any normal kid; he wants to spend the holidays away from school and go on a date with his crush, Leslie.

The only trouble is that Jimmy, along with six other teen geniuses (Leslie, Simon, Barn, Dave, May-Rose and Cruikshank), goes to school at Pinewoods Military Installation, a government military base. Forced to spend Christmas vacation at the base, Jimmy and Leslie make a plan to sneak out by disabling the security codes on the gate.

Then, something happens in the lower levels, in the top-secret lab known as Bunker 10. An experiment goes horribly wrong and a plague that threatens the entire human race is released.

It's a race against time, as the base is set to self-destruct and all communication with the outside world is cut off, making the prospect of escape very bleak indeed.

Can Jimmy and his friends survive?


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