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Oh, wonderful. You're on a hero's quest to get rid of bullies.

Someone has to!
—Nealan of Queenscover and Keladry of Mindelan
(To two injured boys) What, they took it?! I'll get it back for you! [Dashes out of the junior highschool classroom] JUST LEAVE IT TO ME, I'LL PROTECT YOU ALL!
—Takeshi Sendoh, Hajime no Ippo
"There are two important lessons viewers can take from this video. One, when you punch someone in the face as hard as you can and it doesn't bother them, don't hang around and work the body. Stop being a bully and run home to double check your genitals--there's a good chance you've just been a confused ugly girl this whole time. Two, when you hear the voice of Odin whisper to pick up your tiny attacker and hurl him into the ground like so much unstrung puppet, answer his call!"

Dr. Abraham Erskine: "You didn't answer my question. Do you want to kill Nazis?"

Steve Rogers: "Is this a test?"

Dr. Abraham Erskine: Yes.

Steve Rogers: "I don't want to kill anybody. I don't like bullies. Don't care where they are from."
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