Bruce Dern is an actor who is probably best known for playing characters who are psychopaths or Schmuck Bait. His daughter is the famous actress Laura Dern.

  • He's probably most famous for his role in Black Sunday, playing Michael Lander, the Vietnam Vet who becomes a terrorist and plans to blow up the Super Bowl.
  • He also kills people to keep his space ship from being taken from forestry service in the movie Silent Running.
  • He also plays a cuckolded husband to Jane Fonda who has an affair with a crippled veteran in the movie Coming Home.
  • In the movie Middle Age Crazy he plays a taco stand construction company owner who has fantasies of breaking out of his hum-drum life - including having sex with a wife who yells 'Bingo!' every time she climaxes - until he does, leasing an expensive sportscar and engaging in various flings.
  • In Alfred Hitchcock's final film Family Plot he's legman to a Phony Psychic (Barbara Harris) as they tangle with a kidnapper (William Devane).
  • In Last Man Standing he plays a corrupt sheriff.
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