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  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Quite a few.
    • But the crowner is arguably "Transformation".
      • And how!
    • Not to mention that Phil Collins also worked on the music!
  • I Knew It!: How many didn't see Nita's transformation into a bear at the end of the second film coming?
  • Tear Jerker: The "No Way Out" scene where Kenai has to tell Koda that he killed his mother.
    • Koda responds with a Little No before he darts off in disbelief.
    • As the three brothers are reuniting on the mountain, Koda is having a final moment with his deceased mother. One can only imagine what they're saying, but you can bet it's a tearjerker.
    • Let's also not forget Sitka's death, where he does a Heroic Sacrifice. In the aftermath, Denahi and Kenai desperately try to find him (or his corpse) in the waters. Only to find his coat. To make matters worse, Kenai, in denial, continues to cry out for his big brother.
      • Kenai's cries are made even sadder in a meta sense when you remember Joaquin Pheonix's late brother, River Pheonix.
      • Speaking of meta, this would serve as a Harsher in Hindsight case with Denahi's voice actor, Jason Raize committing suicide. Be it in real life, or in the movie, Kenai would lose a beloved brother.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Kenai's transformation sequence. The accompanying music helps a lot.
  • Crossover Ship: As Sitka and Denahi are both single and rather good-looking, a lot of fans cannot resist to ship them with other characters from other films. Even Kenai would be paired off with someone despite being married to Nita in the sequel.
    • Nakoma and the titular Pocahontas would be paired off with any of the brothers. Mainly due to all being Native American Disney characters who would mostly have some spiritual connections (i.e. Pocahontas with Grandmother Willow, Sitka becoming a spirit with the ability to turn people into animals, etc.). It also helps that Pocahontas would have a playful personality which would give her pairings a level of cuteness.
    • Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) and Moana for similar reasons.
    • There's a small percentage of people who would have Belle (Beauty and The Beast) with Sitka due to their maturity and kindness.
    • Mulan is often seen with Kenai possibly due to both struggling find their place in life.
    • Kenai can also be seen with Merida (Brave) a worthy mention due to their associations with bears along with dealing with little brothers.
    • Elsa (Frozen (Disney film)) as, like Denahi, she had almost killed her younger sibling by accident though is still a good person. Meanwhile, with Frozen 2, she can be paired up with Sitka as both are the orphaned Cool Big Bro/Sis who would do anything for their younger siblings while also becoming spirits. It also helps that Elsa's mother is revealed to have come from a snow-based tribe. Not to mention, Elsa's cold color scheme would compliment well with Sitka's warm colors.
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