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Her heretofore ambiguous feelings, once made explicit, are also cranked up to Axe Crazy levels as indicated by this late strip. Although, she is Not Herself there. Afterwards she doesn't seem to have given up hope and his response seems ambiguous.


 Sidney: Are you two married or brother and sister!?

Hansel and Gretel: Yes!

  • In Juvenile Diversion, the reveal that Julie is Jason's half-sister freaks him out, due to his feelings for her (and the fact that she slept with him).
  • Absolute Hot Sister is built on this trope. Ellen has gone so far as to suggest to her brother Kevin that they sleep in the same bed and take showers together.
  • This Studs Up comic has two people discussing this trope as an analogy to being a Spurs fan. They almost got to the logical conclusion before Squick sets in.
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