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  • Super Smash Bros. - The Evangelion Wars: Dialga and Palkia are supposed to be brother and sister (originally brothers, but Palkia got bent). It really doesn't come off that way.
  • There seems to be no sign of incest in the original book, but that didn't stop the The Chronicles of Narnia fans. The most popular pairings are Peter/Susan and Edmund/Lucy, with Peter/Edmund and Edmund/Susan all very popular as well. "Blame the chemistry between the actors." As you can imagine, given the Christian origins of the stories, this is a large division for the fanbase.
  • Thanks to the onscreen chemistry between the actors portraying them, Tru and Harrison Davies of Tru Calling developed a small but dedicated shipper following. One of the better stories (NSFW.
  • The ever squicky amounts of Maria/Shadow fanfics. There's even a couple that has Shadow raping Maria.
  • Almost three quarters of the Wizards of Waverly Place fandom prefer Justin and Alex together. On Fan Fiction. net, there are around 3000 stories and more than half are about an incestous/romantic potential relationship between the two of them. The actors and their chemistry didn't help either, as Selena Gomez and David Henrie did use to occasionally date a few years ago.
    • The most infamous and best voted and appreciated fan story in the fandom is In Fire, In Ice, in which Justin and Alex end up married.
  • Ice Age - How to be Conniving has this in the form of an OC who turns out to be Diego's Dead Little Sister (it's complicated) after several intimate scenes between the two including a 'kiss'.
    • Also squicky in the fact that the OC knew that Diego was her brother all along but still engaged in a semi-intimate relationship with him. Diego on the other hand didn't know until after The Reveal.
  • The polarizing Mortal Instruments fanfic by Cassandra Claire (yes, she called her published books the same thing) is Ron/Ginny. Weasleycest in general is used quite often within the Harry Potter fandom. (To be fair, there are many Weasleys in which to cest.)
  • D.Gray-man fandom has a somewhat sizable following of Leescest shippers. That is, Lenalee Lee and her big brother Komui Lee. It certainly helps that Komui has quite the sister complex and freaks out every time he's jokingly told that Lenalee's getting married.
  • One of the threesomes in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fic A Day in the Life is Ginga and her adopted siblings Wendi and Nove. Genya ultimately ends the relationship by having Ginga reassigned, though, but the three of them say they will take the time to think about their feelings for one another.
  • In Lisa Is Pregnant, Bart and Lisa are trapped on a snowy mountain, and Bart has sex with Lisa in order to warm themselves up. Bart dies after exhausting himself, but Lisa survives, and is pregnant with his child. She wants to abort the baby at first, countering Marge's suggestion that it's all that's left of Bart by saying that it's her body and her decision, but decides to have it out of respect for Bart.
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami mentions that the reason Light and Dark Yagami share a single bed is "only because there parents were to poor to get separate rooms its not like their gay or anything!" Hmmm...
  • In the Oneiroi Series (one of the few Order of the Stick fanfic series), Deirdre has a 'thing' for men in her family. She deliberately puts Terentius in a position where he can't help but confront and nurse lust for her, which is torturous enough for him to break down in tears, once when he masturbates to her and again when she actually gets him to do the deed. Deirdre's not a nice sister.
  • Decadent Habits features quite a few people discovering that they are actually half-siblings and then having sex anyway, as well as a few where only one party (or neither) is aware of the relationship. Pairings have included Setsuna/Konoka, Negi/Asuna, Negi/Ayaka, Ayaka/Chisame, Negi/Chisame, Negi/Nekane (who is also his real mother), and Ayaka/Nekane as part of an Ayaka/Nekane/Chizuru threesome. Sex is also vaguely implied to have happened between crossover guest stars Itoshiki Nozomu and Itoshiki Rin. So far, the only newly discovered siblings who haven't had sex are Haruna and Satomi ... though Satomi indicates that she wouldn't mind ...
  • Golden Sun Gag Battle, a 4koma doujinshi, has a joke with Ivan trying out his new Reveal power on Hama and Feizhi's clothes. To be fair, Gag Battle was published before The Lost Age outed Hama as Ivan's sister.
  • The first Shipping Chart shown on the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fansite Equestria Daily recorded no less than five fics shipping Applejack with her brother Big Macintosh, and another five with the sister/sister pairing Celestia/Luna (Princest). And those are just the ones that made it past the EQD pre-readers.
  • Most of the romances in Sweet Kagamine Kiss 's stories are this. Especially Twincest.
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