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"Kill yourself"
"I get very sad when Drake doesn't respond to my flirts."

What was originally a normal My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Facebook fan-page--moreover, one of the most popular fan-pages--became a chaotic place after a swift hi-jacking on December 14, 2011.

This hi-jacking was orchestrated by user known as Sagan, who had later given the page to two other well known trolls; a snarky deisitic-Christian known as Drake[1], and a poetic Depraved Homosexual known as Trollvorlord[2].

Since the hi-jacking, the two have posted bizarre images, discussed various topics[3], gained a many supporters and followers, but most of all; annoyed many people, especially the bronies.

The page itself can be found here.

It was evidently counter-hijacked, by another user named Nightmare Nyx, on March 25th, 2012. This may be a joke.

Tropes presented by Bronyism:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: Trollvorlord was actually amused by one of the Photoshops done of him, enough to even make it the page's profile picture for a short period.
    • Occasionally, the remaining bronies, as well; especially the short-running "Jimmies" gag.
      • In fact, this is the attitude of almost all remaining bronies on the page.
  • Artifact Title: Justified by the fact Facebook pages can no longer change their name after 100 likes.
  • Author Avatar/ OC: A fan created pony one, actually. Happened after Trollvorlord Tempted Fate.
  • Black Comedy
  • The Chessmaster/ Manipulative Bastard: Many times, the admins have conned and fooled their followers in many way; notably, pretending to give the page back to the bronies for about a week. Drake gave the page "back" several times, but the one Trollvorlord did recently lasted for about 10 days. Whilst being a my little pony fan, he gained entry to their "network", gained their trust, was offered admin on some of their pages, then he showed himself, only to demoralize everyone.
  • The Chew Toy: The bronies who fail at trying to troll back.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Drake has not been seen nor heard from since Nyx's take over.
  • Consistency: Trollvorlord always signs his posts. If a post is not signed, it's pretty safe to say it's Drake.
  • Darker and Edgier: Compared to the original state of the page.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Drake is pretty much all about this trope.
  • Deconstruction: They often exaggerate and promote the common stereotypes of bronies, among other things.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The day the page was first hi-jacked; there was an inconceivable, unfathomable amount of Trolling, spamming, raging, ect. from everyone. This was including the confused bronies who tried to fight back, the gleeful foreign-trolls who ravished the moment while posted massive amounts of guro and other hideous things, and odd bystanders and passerbys who enjoyed the unending chaos.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Several, including how they will often give warnings to the more aggressive trolls and counter-trolls before banning them.
    • Also, they both find the use of drugs reprehensible.
    • The admins often stress the fact the page was hi-jacked[4], because they would not stoop so low as to hack it. (Which is illegal.)
    • According to Drake:

 "That awkward moment when..."


  1. (Alternatively, "The high-flying, death-defying Drake")
  2. (Aka Zane)
  3. (i.e. religion, politics, murder, Paper Mario, ect.)
  4. (i.e. get admin'd then unadmin everyone else)
  5. (Another Facebook page which interacts with Bronyism on a regular basis)
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