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On a scale of ethereal from one to ten, [the Pictsie] was on some other scale, probably buried in deep ocean sludge.
Terry Pratchett, from Lords and Ladies
"This game officially received the lowest score in the history of Gamespot: a 1.0. And by lowest, I mean it can't go any lower. We don't hand out zeroes, but maybe we should have for Big Rigs Over the Road Racing
—Alex Navarro, Frightfully Bad Games
"If you learn only one thing from all we've written today, make sure it's that giving FATAL a 1/1 Style/Substance rating was an insult to almost every other product on that ever got a 1/1."
—Jason Sartin of, on FATAL.
"When it comes to ramping it up, there's one location guaranteed to find the dial marked 'Awesome,' turn it to eleven, rip it off, and run away laughing."
Myth Busters narration
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