Brina M. Palencia is an American voice actress and ADR Director who works primarily on the properties of FUNimation. Brina attended the University of North Texas. Her most well known voice roles are that of Eve in Black Cat, Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler, Kaoru Midou in Moon Phase, Natsuki Shinohara in Summer Wars, Yue Ayase in Negima! and Holo in Spice and Wolf. She has recently been cast as Tony Tony Chopper of the new One Piece, as well as the new voice for Rei Ayanami in Rebuild of Evangelion.

Palencia's voice range comes from her extensive voice training and her ability to place her voice differently. She has also been cast in a variety of roles, and performs a lot of songs for FUNimation. Apart from normal female voices, she is skilled in playing younger females and younger males as well. She is a shoe-in for any character who is skilled in acting in-universe, can sing magnificently, or/and when their singing ability becomes a story point... which is becoming more common these days when seiyuus in Japan are actually required to know how to sing. She recently began her ADR directing debut in School Rumble. Her brother Gino Palencia also works for FUNimation as an ADR Engineer.

Her L.A. counterparts are Julie Ann Taylor, Erica Mendez, Amanda Celine Miller and Marianne Miller and her Canadian counterparts are Tabitha St. Germain, Maryke Hendrikse and Chantal Strand (and was The Other Darrin for one of her roles). Her closest Japanese counterpart would be Misato Fukuen as the two share three roles (Yin, Kurumu and Eve).

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