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Not to be confused with that piece of armor worn by knights or the Mecha Expansion Pack from Thunder Force V. Brigandine is a unique breed of both Turn Based and Planning Strategy Game. The story centers about the land of Forsena, which runs on Mana, and used to summon Monsters, do magic and all. It is a mostly safe region after the big war between the Almekia Kingdom and the Norgard Kingdom, won by Almekia under King Henguist, unbeknownst of the magical power at work behind the scenes. Then, suddenly, Death Knight Cador, one of Almekia's generals, persuades another general Zemeckis to eventually rebel. He did, out of fear that he would lose his purpose if there is peace (he's a Blood Knight to the max), and successfully pulled a coup, killing Henguist, but failed to kill Henguist's son Lance due to an interference of a mysterious Lady of War (later known as Halley). Soon, Zemeckis changed Almekia's name into Esgares and declared his intention to, you guessed it, Take Over Forsena.

  M. Bison: OF COURSE!!

Of course, no kingdoms would like to stay silent on this case. They prepared to defend their home and some saw this as an opportunity to take the land for their own. These are the Kingdoms that struggles in their battle for the land of Forsena:

  • New Almekia: Formerly Padstow, located west. Prince Lance fled here and the wise old King Coel understood his plight, and instantly renamed his nation as New Almekia and vowed to fight against Esgares.
  • Norgard: Located north, covered with ice. Led by the White-Haired Pretty Boy Vaynard, White Wolf of Norgard, who once accepted a peace treaty to restore Norgard, but sees Esgares' rise as a chance to strike back, despite his sister being Zemeckis' wife. Tailing behind him is the Rebellious Tsundere Princess Brangien.
  • Caerleon: Located southwest, with lots of coasts and shores. Seems to be counted as a magical country, and led by the Silent Wise King King Cai along with his tomboyish sister Princess Merriot. Seems to be the second candidate of 'good guys' of Forsena, as it quickly forms an alliance with New Almekia.
  • Leonia: Located in the mountainous region of the east. A very religious country, most of the people here are like Technical Pacifist, but they strike back when disturbed. Led by Queen Lyonesse, a former peasant girl turned Queen due to an Oracle (Doesn't this sound familiar to Jeanne D' Arc or something?)
  • Iscalio: Located southeast. Covered with lots and lots of forest, but suffers a lot from rulers that just care about themselves and having fun. Led by Mad Monarch Dryst, the token Ax Crazy ruler, who has a face of a clown, but is a real brutal guy when he's serious.
  • Esgares: The big one in the center. Obviously led by Zemeckis. Although he put on the Take Over the World persona... it seems that he fights for the war just to cement his existence as a Blood Knight.

Brigandine is released in the US shores and gains cult status. As a result, the expansion (which gets Esgares playable WITH A STORY, anime cutscene and voice acting, also lots more extra contents) Brigandine Grand Edition gets stuck in Japan. Definitely Needs More Love.

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Tropes associated with Brigandine:

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