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Bridget Hoffman can be considered the American equivalent of Kikuko Inoue because she has done 4 of her roles in English anime dubs. She is typecast as a Yamato Nadeshiko and Proper Lady just as Kikuko is as well.

Despite all that though, her most well-known role is probably none other than The Stoic Action Girl KOS-MOS of Xenosaga fame.

She has a whole bunch of aliases as well: Ruby Marlowe, Ellen Arden, Ellen Wilkinson, Jane Arden, Karen Woods, Serena Kolb, and Tessa Ariel.

She's also a Sam Raimi regular.

Her Texan counterparts are Maggie Flecknoe (for Houston), Lydia Mackay (for Dallas) and Luci Christian (for both Houston and Dallas).

Notable roles by Bridget Hoffman:

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