A well-regarded comic writer in both fan and literary circles.

His works include:

  • Y: The Last Man - Follows the story of Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand, the last males left alive after every mammal with a Y chromosome suddenly drops dead.
  • Ex Machina - The story of Mitchell Hundred: superhero-turned-Mayor of New York City.
  • Pride of Baghdad - The true story of a pride of four lions that escaped from Baghdad zoo and wandered the ruined city for some time.
  • Runaways - Six kids discover their parents are a fearsome group of supervillains. Co-created by Vaughan and ongoing without his creative input.
  • Doctor Strange: The Oath - A five-issue mini about Strange's attempt to save his friend's life while opposed by a corrupt pharmaceuticals company bent on Withholding the Cure.
  • The Hood: A six-issue mini which introduced the character who would go on to become a recurring menace to the Avengers.
  • Saga- A science fiction/fantasy hybrid which takes place in a far away galaxy. Involves robots with TV-shaped heads having sex.

BKV was also a writer on Lost.

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