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  • Is Momo a dog, a rabbit, or what? She looks more like a rabbit than anything -- although even then, her ears are a bit weird for it -- but she's from a clan that, in other games, has included two dogs and a fox.
    • Technically (per Word Of Capcom in the BoF III and Breath Of Fire Complete Works artbooks), she is supposed to be a Grassrunner (dog/canine people)...but her subclan had to have been particularly long-eared. And no, you aren't the only one to think "BUNNEH GEEK GIRL" seeing her for the first time--this troper wasn't sure until reading the info in the artbooks...
      • They're not bunny ears. Take a look at her ears, then look at Scias' ears (in Breath of Fire IV). Not quite identical, but more similar than not. She just falls under the Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism / Cute Monster Girl trope and so looks less obviously doglike.
      • On close inspection, her ears resemble that of a Papillon breed dog.
      • This troper always thought she was wearing two feathers on her hat for some reason...
  • Are the rights to the series in legal limbo? No PSN re-release or sequel in a decade now and no Breath of Fire characters in Capcom vs. Whatever.
    • Fairly recent moves by Capcom (licensing of the manga adaptation and (finally) re-release of Bo F IV on the Playstation Network) do show that the rights aren't in as much legal limbo as thought. This includes level-up cards in the "Heroes and Heralds" mode for Ryu (from the original Breath of Fire), Nina (from Bo F II), Fou-lu (from Bo F IV) and Lin (from Dragon Quarter) in the upcoming Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 which pretty much settles the question for the licensing (re the one game in the series where there may have been licensing issues).
    • In addition--there has been some fairly recent discussion of Bo F finally ending up in a Capcom vs. Whatever (in some method other than a "card game cameo"); according to a developer blog for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, they really wanted to put Fou-lu in but decided not to at the last minute due to the Mv C series being heavily geared towards US audiences. If a Bo F character ends up properly in a Capcom vs. Whatever, it's probably going to be in a "versus" game that would be popular in Japan (for example, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)--especially since the same developer blog, they still want to eventually stick a certain god-emperor in a Capcom vs. Whatever at some point.
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