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  • About this one... Pichu suddenly evolves, but at it's at a moment when he appears to be pretty upset. That's a Happiness evolution, is it not?
    • "Happiness" is something of a misnomer- a more accurate term for the statistic in question would be "how much it likes its Trainer". As the "trainer" in this situation is "the Smash Bros", his fear of being fired made him realize how very much he liked being where he was, increasing that liking to the requisite level for evolution.
    • TriforceBun admitted he forgot about how Pichu evolves in the games.
  • In "If It Takes a Lifetime," is Mario simply reliving his whole life and getting a chance to try again, or is he being reborn into new, parallel universes? Because obviously Peach wouldn't still be there after seven lifetimes.
    • Peggy Sue via time travel, most likely.
    • This is fan fiction we're dealing with here, you know that? Mario probably only stays dead for six seconds and respawns at the last checkpoint.
    • You're missing the point. The point is that no matter how long it takes, no matter how hard Mario has to fight, he'll rescue the princess from Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • Wait, hold on. I'm the one who said time travel, but in the one with the impassable pit, his corpses are still in the pit after he dies over and over again. What's going on now?
  • A Real Life question: So how does Matt avert the copyrights law with things like the Dededoll, mugs, and T-shirts? Do they all count under "parody clause" or did Nintendo allow a special waiver here?
    • He asked Nintendo for permission, and they let him sell those.
      • That was actually pretty nice of Nintendo.
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