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  • Animation Age Ghetto: The creators have ensured many people that this will be a fairly gritty adventure tale starring a princess looking to change her fate. However...the trailers and television spots imply a much lighter, cruder comedy staring a princess who leaves to "prove" herself as opposed to merely seeking change. This implies a much sillier and "Dreamworks" style movie that blatantly ignores what the writers were probably going for. This is a running trend with most of Pixar's (and arguably all of Disney's) films where they dramatically downplay the edgier, more violent parts to emphasize the cruder, sillier moments. The entirety of the trailers might have very well employed most or all of the jokes in the entire film.
  • Broken Base: Some people were a bit miffed that Brenda Chapman got replaced. Also, some were skeptical of the girl-defying-tradition premise (that has been done to death) the trailer presented while others bore faith that Pixar would execute it nicely. In the end Merida was a harsh deconstruction of the Rebellious Princess archetype, but that didn't exactly placate the fans.
  • Fan Nickname: When the trailer first came out and the fans saw Merida's hair, the first reaction of some was immediately "River Song!"
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: As fanart has already pointed out, Brave was the third movie released in 2012 to involve archery. The others were The Hunger Games (Katniss) and The Avengers (Hawkeye).
  • Misaimed Fandom: Both Merida and Elinor have points about one another, but neither is completely right. The whole "Merida vs. Elinor" war ignores this.
  • Squick: "Feast your eyes!" At least we don't actually see it, but is that much comfort...?
    • If you look in the background of that scene, you see three characters reacting to the sight; a small girl looks horrified and cries in her mother's skirt, the mother raises her eyebrows in surprise, and a boy tilts his head and stares blankly.
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