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"You've told me that Lex Luthor is everything bad about humans. Well Brainiac is everything bad about aliens."
Supergirl, Brainiac (the story arc)

"My point of origin is 1,000 light years away from Mars, on the planet Colu. I am... Brainiac.
—-Brainiac, Injustice 2

Brainiac is a prominent member of Supermans Rogues Gallery and one of the most iconic villains in comic book history.

Created by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Pastino, Brainiac debuted in July 1958 as a green-skinned alien with advanced technology who attacked an Earth spaceship and possessed a private collection of shrunken, stolen cities, including the Kryptonian city of Kandor, which Superman stole back and took back to his Fortress of Solitude. Notably, Superman never actually managed to defeat the alien and was completely outmatched by his Deflector Shields and tirade of insults, and this was the Silver Age Superman, the same one who casually tugged chains of planets through space.

He returned to menace the superhero over the years, sometimes and often in a Villain Team-Up with Lex Luthor. Due to legal issues, he was reimagined as a living supercomputer in humanoid form, the renegade agent of the Coluan race. Post-Crisis, he was reimagined again as an insane circus psychic named Milton Fine who believed he was possessed by an alien intelligence, though as that drew a Fan Backlash it was gradually implied that he might actually be Properly Paranoid and he began taking on genuinelly alien characteristics, such as green skin and more audacious plans. Eventually this was all retconned and he was reimagined again as an evil alien robot, then as time went on his exact origins and nature as either a robot, a pure alien or an alien cyborg robot was Depending on the Writer. Once again, Superman receives (in different circumstances) a Kandor shrunked by Brainiac, this time apparently a holding city for non-Kryptonian residents of Krypton.

In adaptations such as Superman: The Animated Series and its sequel Justice League, and later Smallville and Legion of Super Heroes, he was made into a living supercomputer with Kryptonian origins, to create greater emnity with the Man of Steel. In both versions Brainiac was given Fighting a Shadow qualities and individual Brainiacs' turned out to be probes sent by the real one, though in both cases he ended up stuck in such probes after the rest of them and his true form were destroyed. In the 2008 story arc Brainiac this aspect of Brainiac became a Canon Immigrant and the various different versions Superman faced were retconned into probe themselves, and the true Brainiac was once again made into a Coluan cyborg. Once again he possessed Kandor (the one Superman had was "revealed" to be a fake), which again was a city full of Kryptonians. It is implied that he is the one who destroyed Krytpon as Superman witnesses him steal another city from a different planet and then destroying that planet, something that was apparently his modus operandi.

Brainiac is a Legacy Character and there have been (or will be) at least 13 different incarnations of the character in the future, Brainiac 2 originally being a clone-son, though some of them are actually future, stronger versions of Brainiac himself. The most famous is the heroic Brainiac 5, The Smart Guy of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the 31st century. In one Story Arc the Brainiac 13 version from a Bad Future even fought Brainic 2.5, despite both being the same character. On most occasions the ones who are not actually Brainiac end up becoming the victim of his schemes.

The character provides examples of

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