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Welcome to the character page for the animated series, Braceface

Main Cast

Sharon Spitz

The lead of the series. A socially awkward girl whose braces complicate things even more (especially since they got affected when a lighting storm hit while they were being fitted on her). Also a stout vegetarian, animal lover and activist.

Maria Wong

Sharon's best friend and all around tomboy whose really into sports

Connor MacKenzie

The initial male friend of Sharon's. Very much a nerd with every allergy under the sun but often there for his friends when needed.

Alden Jones

Sharon's crush and eventually boyfriend. A nice guy who dreams of becoming a musician

  • Official Couple: With Sharon for most of the second season and the end of the third
  • Second Act Breakup: Due to Sharon actions in Dear Alden despite her efforts to fix the problem.

Brock Leighton

Alden's best friend, a guy who tries to act cooler then he really is.

Nina Harper

Sharon's once best friend and now rival on the school grounds.

  • Alpha Bitch: Not only popular but also pulls in excellent grades as well.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Her attitude to Sharon was started over a doll that had its head pulled off when they were grade schoolers. She accused Sharon despite no proof to prove her as the guilty party. In the third season its revealed that it was Nina's cousin that did it.
  • Evil Redhead: At first.
  • Heel Face Turn: Once the truth of the doll incident is known
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Through most of the series, she does occasionally help Sharon and show some genuine kindness showing she still somewhat cares for the friendship they had.
  • Rich Bitch
  • Stepford Smiler: While she flaunts her wealth and fashion, she actually quite lonely as the company she does keep is just with her for appearances or mindless followers. The fact that her parents are away on business most of the time doesn't help either.

Alyson Malitski

Nina's friend through most of the first season. She leaves her in the second.


Adam Spitz

Sharon's older brother, a seventeen year who had a growth spurt and looks much older then he really is.

Josh Spitz

Sharon's younger brother, a music prodigy but still in his growing phases.


Another friend of Alden's and a third of his band.


Sharon's big brother mentor once she reaches high school. A aspiring fashion designer who makes can make clothes out of practically anything.


A girl that lives next door to the Spitzs' that Adam has taken a liking too.

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