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"Tripped right on my face, in front of twenty thousand people, I didn't know what to do! I get up, I double-leg Bradshaw and start punching him in the face, he is laughing - and crying, because I'm hitting him so hard - he's like, "Relax! It's not my fault! You tripped!" We get back in the locker room, Ron [Simmons] is trying to console me: "Come on, man, it's no big deal, don't worry about it. It's not like any of your family were there." I'm like, "Ron? My mom, my dad, twenty of my fraternity brothers and my fiancee!" Ron goes, "...shit, that's bad!"
Bubba Ray Dudley recounting an embarrassing incident at a house show.[1]
"What do I gotta do to get you people to hate me? I call spots, I fuck up my own finish"
Unnamed Heel Wrestler calling out fans who won't boo him.
Fan Yelling Over Commentators On An Episode Of Thunder
"You want "Lucha Libres" whatever you call them go, go to Japan".
Vince Russo Falling victim to Critical Research Failure
'"I've been wrestling for 9 fucking stupid fucking fly"
Wrestler shooting on a fly for intruding on his promo
"So this is where the big boys play huh look at the adjective "play".
Kevin Nash showing he doesn't know the difference between a verb and an adjective
"That's real good you guys can go fuck yourselves because we are out of time".
Gene Oakerlund letting WWF's production crew hear it following a prank


  1. Buh Buh's full of crap. Everyone knows Ron would have just said "Damn"
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