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Andrew Bonar Law is notable for being the only British Prime Minister to have been born outside the British Isles. (He was born in Canada.) He is also notable for having the best name ever. He was Prime Minister for 7 months (October 1922 to May 1923), in between David Lloyd George and Stanley Baldwin, resigning upon learning that he was dying of throat cancer.

Oddly, Law is probably far better remembered in Ireland than in Britain itself for the large role he played during the Home Rule crisis from about 1912 to 1914 when he was Leader of the Opposition and fought tooth and nail against the introduction of Home Rule for Ireland.

Mentioned in When the Boat Comes In (a song that prepares to list all the great things he has done... complete silence follows) and the Other Wiki tells us that he was mentioned in Upstairs, Downstairs.

Referenced in classic 1960s BBC radio comedy Round the Horne, as Julian and Sandy's law firm is called (in polari) 'Bona Law'.

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