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  • The first ten minutes of Bolt lampshade the entire idea of a 'Crowning Moment of Awesome'.
  • Bolt's heroic rescue of Penny from the fire
  • Rhino gets three-- he delivers two heroic speeches, first to Bolt on the importance of heroes, then to Mittens on the importance of sticking with one's friends... then at the climax he uses his hamster ball to prop up the falling rubble of the studio so Bolt can get past, screaming "It is a good day to die!!!" as his ball starts to crack under the weight...
    • Also doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny since even though Rhino has his arms raised, and is straining with the effort as he "holds the door up" the ball is taking the entire load, and he's just standing in the middle of it.
    • Don't forget the scene in which Rhino, through Crazy Awesome luck, manages to BLOW UP A PICKUP TRUCK!
  • Penny's mother punching out Mr "lets stick a pin in it" out of the ambulance and quitting the show.
  • The Superbark. The real Superbark.
  • The signature moves from the show? Ten times cooler when used in real life.
    • Penny, blinded by smoke, stumbling, can't keep up with Bolt on her own. And then she finds a rope.

  Penny: Bolt...zoom-zoom.

    • The last-second rescue, as well
      • Penny's character had just minutes ago been calling for the fake Bolt, not expecting him to hear, and the "character" Bolt arrived anyway. Right before Bolt's return, she was coughing and calling helplessly for anyone to find her...and, just like he always has, Bolt came.
    • And then, of course, the Superbark.
  • Mittens, Bolt and Rhino crossed the entire United States of America by sneaking onto human vehicles. Without being spotted. Using a Waffle House kiddie placemat as a road map.
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