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Hey, Mega Man. Wanna go do something stupid?

Probably the most influential of all Sprite Comics ever. Stands on three pillars: No Fourth Wall, Mega Man and stupidity. Originally, it was intended to just be filler for a hand-drawn comic the author was making, but the idiotic adventures of Mega Man and friends proved more popular, and the title characters were incorporated into the author's skewed vision of the Megaverse.

The bulk of the comic can be boiled down to a basic format; once a year, there would be a parodic retelling of one of the 8-bit Mega Man games, and once a year, a villain would show up and try to kill everyone. Filling the gaps are a mind-boggling amount of Time Travel, Alternate Universes, hilariously stupid antics, meta-interactions with the comic's author, and, of course, the titular Bob and George, two brothers who were a Super Villain and Superhero respectively before getting warped into the Megaman Universe.

Ran daily (mostly) from April 1st, 2000, to July 28th, 2007, making, codifing, abusing, lampshading, and generally making tropes into all sorts of funny shapes throughout it's once-a-day, seven-year run.

Can be found right through this link.

It was also known for hosting many sub-comics, of which only MS Paint Masterpieces is still known to update. Sometimes.

Includes examples of:


 Skull Man: Would someone remove my arm from what is not an arm socket?!

 George: Circus?

Dr. Light: Circus music is a type of music, too!

 George: There's only one way to find out what really happened! We have to go back in time!

(Proto Man slaps George across the face)


George: ...did you just bitch-slap me?

Proto Man: Yes. You needed it.

George: Yes I did. Thanks.

 Bob: Who will triumph when these two behemoths square off?

Stone Man: I will, cause you ain't got no guts!

Guts Man: Pssh! You're stoned!

Bob: One more pun and I will kill you both myself, understand?

Both: Yessir.

 Commentary: Wow, who would've thought that all of the Robot Masters would just be standing around in a big field together in the middle of nowhere where Mega Man could just conveniently run into them? I mean, seriously, aren't they supposed to be out trying to Take Over the World or something?

 Dr. Light: Bull elephant? Pssh...lightweights.

 Dr. Light: Want to know why his name's Rock?

Dr. Wily: I know, I know, Rock and Roll. I got it. We did this joke before, remember?

Dr. Light: We did?

Dr. Wily: Yes. In fact, we've done this joke before as well.

  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: What Wily fakes in order to infiltrate Dr. Light's lab and set up the events of the third game after trying to take over the world twice.
    • Subverted during a time travel mishap, when everyone's too distracted to remember they're supposed to do this to two of the characters to prevent a paradox.
  • Lecture as Exposition
  • Let's See You Do Better: The commentary here. (The actual comic, too, but mostly the commentary)
    • Not the actual comic, but the Custom Comic (and glue factory) thread on the official forums lives off this trope.
  • Lightning Can Do Anything: One of the titular characters manipulates lightning.
  • Lost Aesop
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Parodied with Bob (Darth Volcanus) in the 4th game.

 Mega Man: Ring Man, I am your father.

Ring Man: No you're not.

Mega Man: You win this argument.

 Mynd: Will you stand aside and let me deal with the imposter, or do you want to die too?

(Beat Panel)

Mike/Proto Man: George!

George: What?! I'm thinking!

 Ran:And it's not just time traveling. The way I see it, we've broken every law of physics except the third law of thermodynamics.

Dr. Light: Aha! Negative two Kelvin!

Ran: Never Mind...

 Macc: Say, can I get your autograph? Right here on this soul-sealing contract-looking piece of paper?

Bob: Yeah sure, no problem... Say, what's all this small type that looks suspiciously like fine print... Hey!

Macc: Damn... oh come on, sign it.

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