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JET 73 L: Is there an inversion to Bluenose Bowdlerizer? Because that just bugs me. I simply don't cuss all the time like some people, and it's rare that I even want to, so it pains me to see something I write with an unnecessary dysphemism stuck in the middle where someone simply assumes a Bluenose Bowdlerizer got to it. (Even worse is when something had to be partially rewritten for the dysphemism to be properly inserted, such as "care" being expanded to several words [on an example about a childrens' show], so you know they had to work at it instead of it being a simple mistake.)
  • billybobfred: We don't have a Wiki Tropes for it, but Obligatory Swearing is a good match. I find it silly.
  • That happens? Oh, that's just ridiculous. If someone's not swearing, why would you make them swear? I mean, it's not bad for them to swear per se, but to change the original language for no actual reason and possibly offend the writer in the process...

WaxingName: If Bluenoses are so looked down upon on this wiki, then why does the wiki say that its contributors should keep the wiki family-friendly? I just think that Bluenoses are just following the directions that the wiki gave them. Granted, I understand that some pages should not be Bluenosed like Cluster F-Bomb or This Is for Emphasis, Bitch, but the wiki does say to keep it family-friendly.

  • Swearing is so common in real life and fiction that it IS family friendly.
  • I think it means that they shouldn't use curses at all- i.e., "freaking" instead of "f*cking" or "darn/dang" instead of "damn". Still Bowdlerizing, but I think that's what they mean.
  • I always thought that you should use swear words sparingly. Some of my older Cluster F-Bomb examples (especially in the HONF pages) I've applied this to, going back and changing my earlier FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK to "Holy shit", or "Did you see X?", or "X is terrifying!"

Okay so we can't delete swearing, I'm okay with that. This is more like a "It Just Confuses Me", but if a young kid gets on this site and learns all kinds of swears... it's just their own fault right? More and more this site doesn't seem as family friendly as This Very Wiki claims it wants to be (the above IJBM).

  • That would be more the fault of the parent than the child. A young kid shouldn't be on the internet without some form of supervision.
    • Okay good point. But I still don't see how leaving them up makes this place still family friendly like it wants to be though.
  • Nobody's going to learn any new swear words from this site, because any kid old enough to be able to find it will have heard them all a million times on the school playground.

  • Acceptable Targets. It bugs me that one of Carlin's "Seven Words You Can't Say On Television" is *still* a word you can't say on television. (Namely, c***.) Not only is removing that word not Bluenose Bowdlerizing--*not* removing that word is a hate crime!
  • I find it a bit strange that Bluenose Bowdlerizing is the opposite of 'working blue'. I guess they must have completely separate etymologies, but I think that 'working red' would make more sense, since swearing is more firey and passionate.
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