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  • Rin and Bon's dispute over who'd kill Satan... "YOU STOLE MY DREAM!" "NO I DIDN'T, MY DREAM'S ORIGINAL!"
  • Mephisto's Imp Oatmeal and its effects on Rin.

 Rin: I think I see grandma...

Yukio: Grandma...? Wait! Get yourself together, brother, even though we've never met our grandma!!

  • Rin's reaction is to try and draw out his sword since the good food is too expensive, the monthly allowance is too low and his brother makes more money than him. When he tries to take it out on Mephisto, the headmaster reasons that he likes a certain bill because it has a face of a famous person, or such.
    • 2000 Yen bills are consindered really rare in Japan(tourists, on the other hand, can often get them when they change bills outside Japan).
  • Mephisto when he finds out that Amaimon managed to get a certain "rare" yukata, with all these pictures of cute little girls printed all over it.
  • The cooking duel between Rin and Mephisto's Ukobach familar and the resulting conversation.
  • Amaimon sheathing and unsheathing Rin's sword over and over, changing his appearance along with it.
  • Mephisto after receiving the students's Christmas/Birthday cake:

 Mephisto: What? giving a cake that celebrates the birth of God's son to a Demon? what are they thin- ... WOW!!!FANTASTIC!!!!

    • Earlier in the same episode, Rin brings in the cake. It had already been established that Rin and Yukio were born on December 27th, so they had always celebrated Christmas and their birthday together. When Rin brings the completed cake, decorated Christmas style, neither he nor Yukio think that there's a problem with the cake, much to the other students' exasperation.

 Rin: Oh, so Christmas cakes and birthday cakes are totally different...

Yukio: Even at this time, we're learning so much, right, brother?

    • Don't forget the time before that, when Shiemi tries to conduct a meeting to plan for the party, only to confess that she doesn't know how a birthday party works. Rin's reaction is to skyrocket about the room in a puff of smoke.
    • The party was a surprise for Izumo, and Shima was assigned the task of getting the presents. Since he doesn't know what Izumo would like, he asks Paku for help. Izumo sees them talking together, thinks they're seeing each other, and decides to spy on their "date" to the mall. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, at the end of the Impure King Arc, Rin's True Companions, save Sheimi, spell out "SATAN" for a photo with their bodies.
    • Furthermore, Juuzou formally proposing to Mamushi by asking for her dad's permission.
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