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File:Ichigowtf 71.png

With its lovably quirky, eccentric and pleasantly over-the-top nature, Bleach always had a nice feature of making things funny in otherwise serious moments, without ever detracting from the actual situation or alienating fans from the overall mood of a scene. As a very nice bonus, in a good way, its characters are very easy to make fun of, which the author and producers themselves take every advantage from.

  • First, Uryu and Orihime are fighting over an old Japanese proverb. Orihime thinks it's "even cats don't eat childish fights", whereas Uryu thinks its "even cats don't eat children's fights." Sado then corrects them both. Orihime is thankful, but Uryu is just catatonic.

  Uryu: Orihime's craziness is getting to me... and to be corrected by Sado of all people...

  • Second, Orihime says that she knows Ichigo is nearby -- after all, she can smell him! The other characters look at her like she's just said the stupidest, Cloudcuckoolander-iest thing she's ever said (as she's about ready to jump out the window and they're on the second or third floor, and she's supposedly flashing the quad), then "Ichigo" leaps up to the window...
  • Third, or actually the zero, since it predates those two. The whole Amazing Headband of Justice scene.


Urahara: Oh, what do you know. I can't believe he actually said it.

It eventually ends with...

Ichigo: "Amazing Armor of Justice" my ass! More like armor of junk!

  • In one of the early chapters of the manga, Rukia tries to train Ichigo using a baseball pitching machine and baseballs filled with pepper, half with heads drawn on to represent Hollows, the other half with hands to represent Wholes. When he get back, Rukia chews him out for missing the whole point of the exercise - he hit all the balls instead of just the ones with heads. Ichigo retorts that, with her drawings, it's impossible to tell the heads and the hands apart. And he's right.
  • Before going to Soul Society, there's a funny moment where Urahara sends out a blood message to Ichigo's house... and then...

  P.S: If you think this is something from a horror film where people write message with their blood... then you really have no sense of humor.

    • The Japanese version ups the funny by having Shinichiro Miki (Urahara's seiyuu) speak in a real deep, scary tone... until the 'no sense of humor' part where he switches back to his normal wacky Urahara voice.
    • Made funnier in both versions by the fact that this is almost word for word what Ichigo and Orihime did think.
  • When Ichigo meets up with Rukia for the first time in the Soul Society arc and simply states that as the rescuee she has no say what so ever in what happens to her.
  • Here's a good amount from the anime. The sidebars link to many, many, more.
  • Not to mention a large amount of the fight between Charlotte Coolhorn and the obsessively Bishonen Ayasegawa Yumichika. Within seconds of meeting, they each manage to press the other's Berserk Button: being called "ugly."
  • Lucky Dance! Its random, its silly, and it makes his forehead flash.
    • This troper really cracked when he heard the english version sung by Vic Mignogna.
  • Charlotte is a walking, fighting, living Crowning Moment of Funny. Hence why some fans LOVE him.
  • Karakura-Rizer... Anything about the Karakura-Rizer episodes.
    • Special note of Karakura-Riser Erotic - whose power revolves around being a horny lesbian. And this is funny without Uryu explaining that she has a number of techniques they can't show on TV. Only one is mentioned - Riser Doggy Style.Hyper Erotic Mode!
    • Special mention should go to Tatsuki's expression (Might be something in there), Kon going 'Exit stage left' awkwardly, and Keigo just looking depressed. Through it all, Ishida is obviously having fun.
    • When Kon Breaks the Fourth Wall and complains that the narrator's recap of the previous episode made no sense.
  • Similarly, Mayuri 'reviving' Nemu. Not shown, but Uryu and Renji (who were shown watching every moment of it) appeared to be extremely interested. In the anime, Uryu tries to fathom how this can be allowed on network television! Mayuri's later comment about them 'thinking naughty thoughts' was the icing on the cake.
    • The dub made this even better.

 Mayuri: "What are you talking about? Everything I do is family friendly! Get your mind out of the gutter!

  • How come we've gone this far without mentioning: GOOOOOOOOOOD! MOOOOOORNIIIIIIIING! IIIIIIIIICHIGOOOOOOOOOO!
    • And in episode 6, Ichigo actually Dynamic Entries Isshin back (around 01:12) when the other is wondering wtf is taking him so long upstairs. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Isshin is a good source of these, like here where he does Deadly Dad Sliding and sees his daughter's Yuzu's underwear leading Karin to do a megaton kick on him sending him down the hill like a bowling ball into some animals like they were bowling pins.
  • Chapter 368 contains someone who appears to have the same opinion of Hitsugaya "Captain Jobber" Toushiro as his Hatedom. And she finally got a reaction out of him.
  • There's one part of the Soul Society arc that this troper will fondly laugh about forever. When Ichigo rescued throwing her down to Renji like a javelin. And on top of that, even though Rukia was screaming on the way down and had tears welling up in her eyes from the rush of wind, she looked like the was smiling. XD
  • The Beach omake had me cracking up non-stop. Matsumoto teaching Orihime some - err, interesting techniques to make sand castles. Yachiru sticking a crab into Ikkaku's loin cloth. Byakuya's artwork being exactly the same as Rukia's! Then, there's Ukitake's "funeral". Just read it all here.
    • The anime episode based on the omake. When Ukitake nearly passes out on the beach from heat stroke, Ichigo, Renji and Ikkaku hurry off to get some ice for him, from Hitsugaya. "Sit upon the heavens, Hyourinmaru!" So there you have it. Cue ""Too big." This troper was snickering.
    • And then there's the mutant watermelons from the Department of Research and Development. What they were planning to do with mutant watermelons with shadow arms (besides smashing them on the beach), I don't think I'll ever know.
      • Well, as some of the lines from the episode mention keeping the tentacles out of bathing suits....
  • In the flashback chapter about Renji, Hinamori and Kira, Renji falling out of nowhere from a tree in front of Kira. And Rukia popping out of the bushes. Poor Kira.
  • The time Chad and Ichigo met Keigo and Mizuiro. Best Dynamic Entry Ever!
  • How about when Nel realizes that Ichigo is a Soul Reaper?
  • The first movie is fairly lackluster save for one scene. After dealing with the Hollow in the opening, Ichigo returns to Rukia who admonishes him for neglecting to use Kon while in public. When he brushes it off with "What's the big deal?", Rukia acts out a scene in which civilians have found Ichigo's soulless (and seemingly dead) body and are panicking. Ichigo replies that it would never happen, so Rukia simply points around the corner to where that exact scene is now playing out.
    • Well, Ichigo WAS right in that they did not call a hearse.
  • This. Hanatarou's expression (or lack thereof) is what makes it.

 Yoruichi: I see. You're more naive and innocent than I thought. It's the first time you've ever seen a naked woman, huh?


  • Hiyori and Ichigo's argument when he starts training with the Vizards.
  • How could no body mentioned Shunsui's first appearance?
  • Pictured above: Chapter 380 of the manga. Ichigo's reaction to Byakuya and Kenpachi's arrival. Nuff said.
  • How about the filler episode that has Ikkaku Madarame volunteering to help with the local high school's kendo club? Eleventh Division Blood Knight training a bunch of freshman high school wimps? Priceless! And that is not even mentioning him ramrodding Tōshirō Hitsugaya into helping him.
    • What's even funnier is the end and his reaction to not getting to fight because the remaining kendo team memeber won his fight.
  • Or how about the first time we see Gin and Kenpachi in the anime? Ken-chan tries to goad Byakuya into a fight only to have Gin tie Ken-chan up in less then ten seconds and haul him away over the rooftops, apologizing to Byakuya the entire time with that stupid ass grin never leaving his face.
  • Shuusuke Amagai saves his people. While drunk. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Aizen basically shipping himself with Ichigo. I know I'm not the only one who hasn't been able to stop laughing whenever they see this page.
    • WAAAY seconded.
    • Ichigo's reaction at the bottom just seems to make it funnier in This Troper's opinion
    • Oh Lordy. This troper's only just realised that Aizen's hand is on Ichigo's bare chest. She doesn't know how she missed that the first time around, especially given Aizen's line, but it renewed the hilarity.
      • Oh, my, the FoeYay! Hilarious, and gives all the people who shipped Ichigo/Aizen an excuse,which makes the whole thing even funnier. I think a certain manga-ka is trying to encourage as many crack pairings as he can.
  • Chapter 398: Isshin suddenly headbutting Ichigo. Oh lord, their expressions...
    • Double funny in that page - Ichigo apparently forgets he can STAND ON AIR after receiving said head-butt.
      • So good to see after episodes of Aizen's absurd monologuing. As is the moment when Isshin and Aizen's fight is interrupted by Gin slicing up another building. Then Ichigo jumps into view, to the annoyance of Isshin who promptly ignores Aizen to argue with his son.
  • A rough summary of Chapter 399:

 Gin: "Hi. Remember me? My shikai is a really long sword!"

Ichigo: *Headtilt*

Gin: "And my bankai's a really really long sword!"

Ichigo: "...My bankai fires energy blasts. Huah!"

Gin: "Dammit."

    • "It's 13 kilometers". *raepface*
    • Gin's Bankai itself. Not compensating for anything taken Up to Eleven
    • Am I really the only person who thought this?
    • And now "fastest bankai in the Gotei 13" takes on a hell of a new meaning.
  • Anime ending 23. Chad punching Zommari Leroux in the face. In a boxing match.
    • Hanatarou in a maid outfit (and looking rather surprised about it since he was previously working in the newspaper office with Hisagi and co).
      • Speaking of the newspaper office, Hitsugaya, Iba and Komamura all staring out the window incredulously at what appears to be Don Kanonji flying by like a superhero while Kira takes pictures.
      • The fact that Komamura actually SweatDrops makes it even more hilarious. Considering he hasn't done anything like that before.
    • Barragan dressed as a mob boss with his fraccion.
      • Made even funnier by seeing Loly, Menoly and Cirucci all over him. Barragan's such a pimp.
      • Even more amusing is the fact that Charlotte Coolhorn is there hidden like Waldo.
      • Starrk and Lilynette playing cards.
    • Ganju as a pissed off shop keeper running after Nel, Mashiro and Hiyori for stealing his food.
    • Hachi as a chef, too.
    • And Shunsui going in a date with BOTH Nanao and Lisa. What makes it even better is seeing a drunk Ukitake behind, carried around by Sentaro and Kiyone.
    • Tousen's outfit looks an awful lot like Michael Jackson's in the video for "Smooth Criminal".
    • The thought "Aizen-sama, Ace Detective" was the immediate, hilarious thought in this troper's mind at that particular image.
  • Chapter 147: Kenpachi Zaraki imagining how Yachiru, Ikkaku and Yumichika would advise him in his fight:

 Imaginary!Yachiru: Attack with your intuition! ^-^

Zaraki (thinking): I'm doing that already!

Imaginary!Ikkaku: Then just use that! Duh! The mind's eye thing!

Zaraki (thinking): If I could use that I wouldn't be thinking about this, idiot!

Imaginary!Yumichika (sparkling): If it was me... I would probably give up... in a beautiful way...

Zaraki (thinking): Go to hell.

  • Chapter 401: Very tense scene where Aizen explains to Isshin what the MacGuffin really is. Cue to Ichigo and Gin interrupting the talk as they fight. Made even better by this.
  • I'm starting to look like a Nike Mark!
  • "Rukia, why do your drawings suck so bad?" Even Ichigo's English VA has stated it's one of his favorite lines.
  • Ichigo calmly and cheerfully calling an ambulance before he soundly kicks the asses of some jerks who were tormenting Chad in a flashback. "How many? Let's see..." *takes a head count of the bullies* The bewildered faces of the guys only make it better. Doubles as a hilarious CMOA for Ichigo.
  • Hitsugaya's rape face scares even Ikkaku.
  • One scene has Yumichika sparkling around Kenpachi, and Kenpachi comments that he looks a lot more lively than before causing Yumichika to blush, shake his butt, release some hearts, and squeal "Oh my, so you think I've gotten prettier?" In reply Kenpachi scoffs "I didn't say that...Quit shakin' your ass; that's freakin' nasty". Yumichika: "I'm sorry. I just got so excited".
  • In chapter 403, Ichigo's reaction upon seeing Aizen's new form. "What...the that..."
    • Also, the technique that Isshin and Urahara use to bind Aizen. AIZEN PINATA. Yoruichi smash!
    • Also, Aizen's new form itself. Some fans have joked that Kubo's background artist has finally been allowed to design a character.
  • Chapter 404: "There must indeed be something special for you to have survived my attack" "You mean MY LEG, right!"
    • Also Urahara and Yoruicbi bickering right before that.
  • That time where Lillin get indignet over being stuck in a doll's body only for Ichigo to suggest that they all help each other into thier Gigais. If only for the scene of them running to where thier gigais are.
  • Also when Lilin says that she snuck her Gigai under Ichigo's bed.
  • When the gang returns from the Soul Society and Keigo asks if Ichigo and Chad went somewhere together. And then they glance at each other and Keigo freaks out.
  • Where's the love for all the Omakes (Quincy Encyclopedia, Arrancar Encyclopedia and Shinigami Picture Book), particularly the one for 272. After Ishida has been skewered by Hollow Ichigo, Ryuken, his dad, has a great exchange with Isshin

 Ryuken (Holding his bow): How're you going to compensate me??!!

Isshin (Stuck to the wall by arrows): But I didn't do it!

Ryuken: Unforgivable!!!

  • He fires more arrows as Isshin dodges*

Isshin: Fine! You can have Ichigo when this is over. Do whatever you want to him!

Ryuken: Damn right I will!

Isshin: Don't attack me!

  • Cut to outside of hospital as it explodes and Isshin screams*

 Ryuken: That form...your powers returned, then?

Isshin: I guess...Looks good on me, doesn't it?

Ryuken: I feel that I may vomit.

Isshin: (...) Well, thank you very much.

  • Whole of Episode 287, which was made as an 10 year anniversary celebration for the Bleach -manga. It shamelessly rips in to and makes fun of the Soul Society Arc - People's mileage varied, but most were howling in laughter every minute of it which was a welcome change for the heavy scenes going on at the time.
  • Chapter 422. Byakuya and Kenpachi come through the Garganta from Hueco Mundo. All the 11th Division members are asking Kenpachi about the battle.

 Kenpachi:Eh...It was boring as fuck.

    • It then cuts to Yammy, lying on the sand, pretty much dismembered.
  • Chapter 423. Yamamoto is lecturing Kenpachi, Byakuya, and Kyoraku for losing their captains' haori, which culminates in this exchange.

 Yamamoto: Just what do you all think your captain haori are, anyway?!

Kenpachi: A pain in the ass.

Byakuya: Cheap.

Kyoraku: Stylish?

Yamamoto: *twitch* YOU MORONS!!!

  • Cut to the waiting hall where Ukitake, Kiyone and Sentarou are waiting. Their expressions are absolutely priceless.
  • 425. Ichigo is having a dream about the Shinigami. The Mood Whiplash kicks in and the scene switches to...
  • What about episode 39 [2], the scene with Ikkaku and Yumichika with the wig? Actually, most of the scenes with the 11th Division are funny.
    • Of course, episode 229 could be viewed as Yumichika's revenge. He convinces Ikkaku to wear a wig. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Episode 229 made this troper all sorts of happy.
      • Episode 229 also gives us the unforgettable sight of ICHIGO LAUGHING.
  • 426: Ishida and Ichigo's HILARIOUS team up against a Fat Bastard bully. And the follow up is just as funny.
  • 430: Orihime's Imagine Spots. That's all.
  • How come Unohana hasn't been mentioned once? The seemingly sweet, caring captain of 4th Squad, who scares the pants off of anybody without even trying, as seen here when she freaks out some rude individuals from 11th Squad-[3], and even Ichigo- [4] The looks on their faces say it all.
    • Once she got their captain KENPACHI to back down
    • Then there's Bleach on the Beach. Isane was freaking out over a skimpy one-piece her sister, Kiyone, wanted her to wear, which was amusing enough. Unohana decides to intervene. This staid, primly-dressed, motherly woman takes Kiyone's side. And then reveals her own swimsuit... which is even skimpier.
  • The first half of episode 303. It's already funny when Hitsugaya becomes the Only Sane Man in a dispute between the Mens and Womens Shinigami Association. But watch how the card game heats up (Hisagi's massive nosebleed from staring at Matsumoto's Buxom Cleavage and Nemu whipping out a mechanical drill for a hand are just two examples and then culminates in Sui-Feng whipping out her Bankai when anyone dares to try and take Yoruichi-sama's card. It'll make you cry, you'll be laughing so hard.
  • 433: "OMIGOD HE'S A HOTTIE"!!.
  • Episode 312 pretty much from the moment Omaeda opens his mouth without thinking and says he's the Squad 2 captain.
  • In the Bount arc, Yuzu tells Ichigo he has a nice, loving family who will always be ready to help him, whatever happens. Why is this not a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming? She just saw him talking to Ririn and Kon in their plushie forms and there's no way he could explain her what these plushies really are.
  • Again, Riruka. She has just used her Fullbring to let Ichigo train in a Year Inside Hour Outside room in the shape of a dollhouse, and now Ichigo wants out. You should've thought twice, Ichigo.
  • Yamamoto's Cleaning Rules...NO BANKAI!
  • Ukitake playing innocent and telling Starrk to work his zanpakuto's powers out for himself. Did he and Kyoraku forget what kind of anime they're in?
  • From episode 200. Bonus points for Ishida and Renji's reaction to the whole thing.
  • In episode 321 we are led to believe that all the doubles are physically identical to the person they replace then we see the Acrofatic Gonk Omaeda's double is a muscular Bishonen, they're just as hammy as each other though.
  • In a recent manga chapter, Ichigo fighting Mister Pork (basically, a fat Yakuza in a pig suit). Not even the pig suit turning into a monster could make it look serious.
    • Then it's revealed that the normal, human form of the yakuza guy has a face that resembles his pig plushie form!
  • Anything involving Don Kanonji.
  • Have just seen the episode the page-image comes from. Forget trouble over Hollow-ness, that was the highlight of the episode, plus Ichigo's futile insistence that he needs to stay to finish the job.
  • Chapter 450: Orihime drooling over Riruka's donuts and Riruka finally relenting and giving some to her.
  • Only half paying attention to the mental Arabian Nights episode, but Rukia/Rukiruki's 'execution' with the tiny Sokyouku bird was priceless.
    • Made even more hilarious when Ichigo comes ro rescue her... and has to fight the Seaweed Ambassador. No, even better: he has to fight Byakuya dressed up as the Seaweed Ambassador. It has to be seen to be believed.

 Ichigo: ... Those siblings need HELP!

    • Heck, the very fact that Byakuya, of all people, invented something as... strange... as the Seaweed Ambassador is hilarious in itself. Even better, he seems to love it.

  "A cake in the shape of this character...It would truly represent Sixth Company."

  • In the middle of Ichigo and Ginjou's Training From Hell... this provides a sudden Mood Whiplash. The mere fact that Yukio used his Fullbring to make a sort-of sprite house for Orihime's personal use in the middle of the training space brings the LULZ.
  • During the "Turn Back The Pendulum" arc, Hiyori and Urahara go down to a prison to pay a visit to Mayuri. Hiyori acts the way she usually does and this causes Mayuri to call her a "disrespectful boy" for obvious reasons. Hiyori then gets really pissed off and offers to show him her boobs.
  • Orihime and Nell smashing the fourth wall to pieces. Also the Arrancar Encyclopedia segment where a really nervous Ichigo has to introduce the visibly annoyed Starrk, Barragan and Harribel. The sheer nervousness of his speech and the expression of the trio makes it even better.
  • Ichigo is not gonna have kids...
  • Chapter 417: "Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuiro, Honsho, Kanonji...Imoyama-san
    • "If you can't remember my name, at least be honest about it!!!"
  • In chapter 459, Tsukishima undercuts Ginjo's Evil Gloating by claiming it was only necessary because Ginjo is a terrible actor. When the latter tries to deny it, Tsukishima points out that Ginjo dropped his First-Name Basis with Ichigo almost immediately after he reverted to normal. Ginjo's response? "Fuck you!" It's oddly hilarious seeing the Big Bad's own Dragon ruining his Evil Gloating.
  • Chapter 460 starts with Ichigo and Rukia sharing some reunion words, then this happens.
  • Chapter 462 has Urahara carrying an unconscious Orihime and Isshin carrying an unconscious Chad.

 Isshin: (struggling with Chad's weight) I think you got the better deal between the two of us.

    • Also the Engrish title "Why me sad".
  • The "take it off" scene between Ichigo and Renji in the anime.
  • During the Turn Back the Pendulum Arc, upon seeing Yoruichi, a young Byakuya cries "AARGH, the cat monster!"
  • Episode 326, Zaraki is getting ready to battle Fake Soi Fon, and being Zaraki he's happy about it. Until Komamura arrives, and stands in his way. Zaraki tells him not to interfere and Komamura tells him not to worry about him. He is tough. It's made even funnier by Zaraki trying to tell him to get out of his way with a fiercer voice, but he is ignored and Komamura just continues talking to Fake Soifon like Zaraki isn't there. Yachiru joins in the fun with a "Go for it, Bow-wow!!
  • Episode 298, the Film Festivial episode. Ichigo once again being confused when the fourth wall is broken. Then there's 4th and 7th devision's movie. Komamura putting Iba as the main character (he's in a dog suit btw). Ichigo responds that Iba doesn't fit the image. Komamura's response? That he didn't think the suit was designed as well as he thought it could've been. (he's got a habit of missing the point doesn't he?). Then off-screen, Komamura teaches Iba how to act as a dog better. Then Unohana scaring ZARAKI! This was only the episodes first half!
  • Chapter 464 has several:
  • In chapter 465, Renji tells that Hisagi brought a motorcycle from the human world into Soul Society and caused a ruckus with it (and ended up being scolded by the captains). The mental image of Hisagi riding a motorcycle through the Seireitei is hilarious. Who's willing to bet that this will get made into an anime omake or a filler episode?
    • In the same chapter, Madarame sets a dislocated shoulder by flexing his muscles and making an extremely strained face. Also, his opponent's reaction.

 Madarame: FUCK YEAH!!!!

  • One scene has Yumichika sparkling around Kenpachi, and Kenpachi comments that he looks a lot more lively than before causing Yumichika to blush, shake his butt, release some hearts, and squeal "Oh my, so you think I've gotten prettier?" In reply Kenpachi scoffs "I didn't say that...Quit shakin' your ass; that's freakin' nasty".
  • In the preview to episode 342, Ichigo, knowing that he won't be using his Reiatsu for quite some time, rapidly yells Bankai several times just to stack up his call-outs.
  • In chapter 466, Hitsugaya has evidently learned the art of being a Deadpan Snarker. And trolling, considering how he defeated Yukio.
  • In chapter 467, Moe apparently forgets that Fullbringers can fly.
    • His and Ikkaku's fight becomes a MAJOR Ham-to-Ham Combat. And it's as hilarious as it can be.
  • 463. Kenpachi's line as he OHKs Giriko.

 "Hey, Kuchiki. I wanna switch opponents. Your guy looks stronger. Mine looks boring." (cue OHK) "See? Boring."

  • (after the timeskip) We have this adorablely funny moment between Orihime and Ishida. Orihime being her oh so cute self, saying to Ishida, with such a happy-go-lucky & cheerful face, that they're both weirdoes...even better, later you can totally tell from the look on Ishida's face practically screams, "She thinks I'm weird?!" D:
    • Orihime and Ishida have quite a few generally hilarious moments. He's this serious nerd, she's this adorable law is bound to ensue! You have to admit, it doesn't matter if you ship them as a couple or just see them as good friends, Orihime and Ishida's interactions are ALWAYS funny and adorable!
      • Orihime and Ishida decide to disguise themselves as Shinigamis to better slip past through the Soul Society without trouble in order to rescue Rukia. Orihime forgets that she's alone with a man, she proceeds to undress in front of him. (She only goes as far as to take her shirt off though), seeing Ishida have an epic freak out over it was the icing on the cake. And it didn't stop there. Orihime then created a separate changing room to fix the problem. She happily tells Ishida he can now use it and change in peace. Ishida naturally lampshades that normally it's usually the girl that would use the dressing room instead of the other way around.
  • The animated version of the already described chapter 425, now episode 343. Orihime sees Ichigo and Tatsuki in the school grounds from a second floor window. She starts by calling out to them, then she jumps out the window and slides down a drainpipe to get to them freaking out both her friends and apparently flashing them in the process.

 Ichigo: Stupid! That's dangerous! You'll Fall!

Tatsuki: We can see your panties! *punches Orihime on the top of the head when she gets to the ground*

  • Kon (in Ichigo's body) pulls the whole "gentleman" act on Orihime in an early episode and kisses her hand, which prompts everybody in the classroom to flip out. He makes things worse by kissing Tatsuki on the cheek, which causes her to start throwing heavy objects at him.
  • Rangiku's scene, when she attempts to bribe Ichigo into letting her stay in his room by subtly emphasizing her assets. He tries to resist... but can't.
  • The entirety of the Color Bleach+ Official Bootleg is full of these moments.
  • When Ichigo is rescued and revived after his first confrontation with Byakuya, he wakes to find Urahara's burly assistant Tessai lying on top of him. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Kon looking up Rukia's skirt with an arrow, saying "Nice angle" with a thumbs up and Rukia stomping on him.
    • There's another Kon/Rukia moment in episode 115/116 where Kon tries to glomp Rukia and Rukia simply puts her foot up making Kon slam into it, and slams her foot to the ground.
    • Also And just what are the large boulders?! *stomps Kon repeatedly*
    • The official Viz translation has him making some remark about "scaling the cliff", which is funnier and a nice contrast to his "valley of the gods" line.
  • Rangiku simply punching Keigo away without looking when he tries to glomp her.
  • Chapter 470: Rukia tries to use Kido while a plushie, and fails spectacularly. Ichigo annoys Ishida by being a Leeroy Jenkins once again.
  • [5] Chapter 248: Nel doesn't doesn't want to be left behind and...well...hilarity ensues.
  • Chapter 473. The following:

 Ikkaku: Captain you're early!

Kenpachi: No shit. You're just late.

    • Hitsugaya referring to the missing Kuchiki and Kuchiki, unwilling to use first name even for the sake of distinction. While Yukio complains-not that anyone's listening-because he's frozen and is going numb.
  • Naked!Rangiku ticking Orihime when trying to cheer her up.
  • Kon making Ichigo sit on a Boo Boo cushion and Ichigo sending him flying in retaliation.
  • Pesche keeps his sword in his loincloth. When he goes to pull it out, he severely Squicks Uryuu, Renji, and Szayel.


  • Komamura's reaction to Tousen-fly telling him he is far uglier than he had imagined. Tousen previously being blind and Komamura having severe self image issues.
  • The animated rendition of Shishigawara and Orihime's first meeting
  • Even though it was followed by Chapter 392, "Blazing Glaciers" had the little gem of Aizen getting to be a Smug Snake with Lisa... and with Soifon... and with Hitsu--cue Shinji's Cheshire Cat Grin. That just made my day. And then a week later it turns out Hitsugaya ran Hinamori though. Some people found that funny, too.
  • Chapter 475: Renji asking Rukia is she's okay and practically screaming into her ear.
  • Keigo, the lovable idiot, comments in one scene about Chad and Ichigo: "What the heck? The two of you didn't go somewhere together, did you?" Chad and Ichigo share a confused look prompting Keigo to scream "Why're you looking at each other?! Don't tell me something happened between the two of you over summer vacation..."
  • Rangiku's almost boob spill. "I was in danger of them spilling out!" "What would?" "My breasts?" "Good thing they didn't!"
    • The dub translates Toshiro's last line as "I doubt that would upset you."
  • What about chapter 196, with the arrival of the scouting squad composed of Rukia,Renji, Madarame, Rangiku, Yumichika and Hitsugaya?The look on Madarame's face when he is taunted in the classroom made me laugh out loud.

 All right...those two who said "bald", stand up and face me....

 Ichigo: "Oh, well. Let's eat."

Ishida: "I think he might like the roasted mackerel bread. Let's leave it for him. SHE DROPPED THE COLA.

  • 482: The absolute deadpan reactions from Orihime, Karin, Yuzu, Chad and Ishida to Ichigo and Ivan's interactions. While Shino and Yuki hug on the corner.
    • Especially the scene where Ichigo kicks Ivan in the face, and as he goes flying Orihime opens the window so he doesn't break it. When he lands, Ivan incredulously asks why Ichigo kicked him.
  • In one scene, Rukia, not above using force to get her way, decides to kick Tessai in the backside to get his attention, only to find out the hard way just how made of iron he really is. Not only does he not feel it, he only notices her when he turns to see her cradling her injured foot.
    • The same happens in the flashback arc when Sarugaki Hiyori decides to kick Urahara in the nuts — and learns that Urahara is always prepared for everything. Painful lesson, indeed.
  • Chizuru's Psycho Lesbian antics are always good for a laugh. I think my favorite moment is when she's looking at Orihime's huge boobs compared to Rukia's small ones and saying that she likes Rukia's just fine as they are "peaceful and adorable". Rukia's response is to laugh nervously and say "I do not know what you are talking about but I will take it as a compliment" while Ichigo just stands there with a WTF expression on his face.
  • Tobiume and Haineko's interactions.
  • In the Bount Arc at one point Rukia flies into a rage after Kon compares her chest to a vertical wall.
  • Hiyori, got really, really ticked off when Mayuri called her a boy.
    • In the English dub she explicitly says (yells at him) that she will show him her boobs to prove she is a girl during that scene.
  • Chapter 485: The return of Nel. All drooling and with snot coming out of her nose as she pulls a Dynamic Entry on Ichigo. And then it's followed by Mood Whiplash as she bawls on him and begs him to help her since Hueco Mundo has been taken over.
  • That scene where the guys are blackmailed by Rangiku into doing her evil bidding and have to crossdress.
  • Chapter 486: Okay, so Nel's return had some elements of funny. The hilarity is fully unleashed when Pesche drops by as well.
    • "You can't tell who I am by looking at my crotch!"
    • "I don't wanna look at your ass."
    • Nel calling Chad a "giant".
  • 487: "That's not my mouth, that's a protuberance!"
  • Even the last episode of the anime manages to sneak some of these. From the epilogue alone, we have:
    • Nanao being super Tsundere towards Shunsui.
    • Sentaro and Kiyone tripping each other while they run towards Ukitake
    • Ikkaku dropping his tough guy facade as he gets healed by Unohana
    • Kira getting drunk and pissy because he doesn't want Rose as his captain, much to the exasperation of Yumichika and Iba
    • Sui-Feng's new practice targets... that have Shinji and Urahara's faces drawn on them, much to Oomaeda's horror.
    • Toshiro metting up with Momo... and then getting Marshmallow Hell from behind thanks to Rangiku. Which launches him straight up towards Momo.
    • Mayuri and Nemu being... well, themselves.
    • Shinji and Hiyori screaming at each other over the phone.
      • Hiyori hitting Shinji with the fourth wall.
  • Rukia doodling a mustache on Ichigo's face.
  • In their first encounter, Ichigo kicks Rukia and flips a table after hearing Rukia's explanation of Soul Reapers.
    • The table even has a note on the top saying "Warning: Only for the use of jokes like this"
  • At the beginning of chapter 488 we have two of Tier Harribel's Fraccion butting heads and arguing.
    • Nel covering Ichigo's eyes.
  • Findorr Carias retreating backwards away from Shuhei Hisagi... and accidentally flying through a building because he wasn't watching where he was going.
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