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Being among the mainstream anime/manga series of this generation, Bleach is overwhelmed with so many powerful moments, that you're guaranteed to love each and every second, no matter how many times you see them again.

Please list the entries under the appropriate arc.

Agents Of Shinigami Arc

  • While fighting the hollow Shrieker, Chad rips a telephone pole out of the ground and hits him with it.
    • Made all the more awesome by the fact that he couldn't actually see him.
    • Orihime first manifesting her powers -- a rare incident of a pissed-off Orihime. It was so awesome that it let her: a) awake her Shun Shun Rikka, b) save a bunch of Brainwashed and Crazy Karakura students (two of them being her friends Tatsuki and Chizuru) and c) kill the Hollow controlling them.
  • This far and no mention of Ichigo's fights? For shame. The first instance Ichigo gets his Shinigami powers; his battle with Shrieker; the fight with Grand Fisher; fighting alonside Uryu against the Hollows drawn to Karakura Town by the Hollow bait, and then cutting the Menos with his first Getsuga Tenshou. These are all just the beginning.
    • "What? You're not gonna do it? Guess you don't need your tongue, then."
  • Ichigo's first encounter with Renji. It begins with Ichigo's Dynamic Entry. Then, after Renji gets a hit in and cuts off Ichigo's Theme Music Power-Up, Renji proceeds to give a Reason You Suck Speech, only for Ichigo to shut him up when Renji tempts fate. Renji releases his Zanpakuto and beats down Ichigo again, only for Ichigo to get another power-up and start kicking Renji's ass.
  • Byakuya demonstrating just why Captains are the top brass of Soul Society by effortlessly defeating Ichigo after he had overpowered Renji.

Soul Society Arc

  • Mayuri responds to Ishida's final form by releasing his bankai, a giant worm with a baby's head that sprouts spikes and spews poison gas. Uryuu's response? Arrow through the head. Just to be clear; he headshotted a fucking bankai!!!
  • No love for Kukaku?! Woman fired Ichigo out of a fucking fire works canon and into the Sereitei! And what about her showing up to help Yoruichi and the minor asskicking she did there (not great compared to others but still). That woman definitely Needs More Love on this page.
    • Agreed, so very much. In the scene with the three giants, Kukaku knocks one of them flat on his ass with a single spell, distracting (?) Aizen enough to keep him from getting away.
  • Ganju has a couple, too. Particularly when he defeated Ayasegawa Yumichika by throwing a bomb at his head.
    • In his most heroic moment, however, Ganju was mercilessly torn to shreds by Byakuya while defending Rukia (who, he had just discovered, is the one who killed his brother).
    • Naah, Ganju got his moment earlier: during his appearence, he's been violently bullied around by his sister both physically and verbally. Then, he grows the balls to shut her up before going to mission with Ichigo and co.
  • You can't deny that Zaraki himself gets a fair few. Particularly when Ichigo's sword isn't powerful enough to cut him at first, when he cuts a skyscraper in half with a single blow of his sword, and when he lets Tousen, an enemy he can't see, stab him in order to get close enough to stab him back.
    • You're forgetting the most important bit of the Tosen fight- after Zaraki is impaled, he yanks the blade out again and tells Tosen that he'll catch his hand before he can strike again. Suffice to say, he does.
  • Ichigo himself had his first real "WOW" moment when he forcibly prevents the Soukyoku from executing Rukia. The Soukyoku supposedly has the power of a million zanpakutous, and he blocks it with one. He follows this up by destroying the base (with defensive power of the same magnitude), and promptly taking out three vice-captains at the same time, with his bare hands.
    • A million could just be referring to a million Asauchis-Unnamed Zanpakutou with no powers- not Named and unique swords with individual powers of their own. In that case, then even Kenpachi's Zanpakutou could block the Soukyoku. Which would be epic as well.
  • Any of Byakuya's "bankai moments," especially the first time he reveals it to us (and concludes the awesomesauce-scene with "Your fangs will never reach me. Ever.")
    • "All you had to do was quietly sheathe your sword. Did you seriously think you could defeat me? Renji, don't tell me you have forgotten, that I too have a bankai. ... bankai ... scatter, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi". With the Music Of Awesome, you could feel the Badass..
  • In this editor's opinion, Shunsui and Ukitake standing up to Yamamoto even though they know that they're going to die showed just how Badass they really are (not to mention lasting against him for longer than five seconds).
    • And speaking of Yamamoto, there was the scene where he made Nanao faint by looking at her. Doubles as a Kick the Dog.
    • And the reason why they end up fighting; having the nerve to sabotage the execution by destroying the Sokyoku. Not the most subtle of methods, gentlemen, but what can you say?
  • ...the part where Aizen blocks Ichigo's Bankai with his finger, also cutting short his Theme Music Power-Up in the process. Bad. Ass. Not to mention the part where he wipes away his "harmless scholar" facade by crushing his glasses with two fingers and slicking his hair back with a hand, all while rising up in a pillar of light and claiming "I will stand in Heaven" (the English dub phrases it as "I will stand at the top" in an incredibly awkward attempt to avoid any religious connotations). Epic much?
  • Unohana Retsu might've been one of the forgotten characters, had it not due to her calmly scaring the shit out of the battle-happy Squad 11 with just mere words and a very slightly scary look. That event cements her as awesome, even though she hasn't been in a real fight thus far. Unless the Informed Ability fails her, but we never know.
  • Yoruichi's much overlooked complete outclassing of Byakuya, the resident badass. Just as all hope seems lost. Just as Byakuya is about to bust out his epic yet effeminate super sword. Just as Rukia screams out in horror, begging Ichigo to run for his life. BAM! Yoruichi appears, wrapping Byakuya's sword in bandages and moving past him before he even realizes she's there. She then proceeds to make Byakuya look like a fool by showing how superspeed is REALLY done, before running off with Ichigo over her shoulder.
  • Gin's epic trolling of Rukia when he pretends he's going to rescue her, then straight-up says, "Just kiddin!" what makes this even more impressive is that Rukia has mistrusted Gin since she became a Soul Reaper, and yet he STILL manages to convince her that he's suddenly going to help her.
  • Hanataro willing joins Ichigo and goes against Soul Society in order to help save Rukia, and after finding Rukia, goes to stand up to Byakuya knowing full well the ass-kicking he will receive.
    • He receives another one when he heals Renji's wounds after his fight with Byakuya. Renji was near-death, and Hanataro saved his life.
    • Both of Zaraki's subordinates get theirs, one earlier than the other. Yumichika's comes during Soul Society when, while fighting a vice-captain who is supposed to massively outclass him, reveals that he accepted a lower position because he wanted it, then revealed his Zanpakuto's special ability. Ikkaku's comes during the Arrancar arc when he reveals he can use Bankai. And he didn't really want to be forced to do it, so he was pissed off about it.
  • In chapter 168-169, Lieutenants Rangiku Matsumoto and face off during the Ryoka Arc. Kira reveals his sword's special ability to double the weight with every strike and Matsumoto's sword crashes down on the roof tiles. As Kira smugly announces, "That's not a weight you can run around easily holding", Matsumoto delivers a Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner, "So what? If I can't hold it and run...I just won't hold it" and transforms to ash, nullifying Kira's Wabisuke attack and defeating him handily. Truly, a CMOA, with a side of I Am Not Left-Handed and a soupcon of Out-Gambitted.
  • After Yamamoto orders Soifon to Bad Boss Sentaro and Kiyone (for helping destroy the Soukyoku, Yoruichi saves them by tackling Soifon off a cliff, and then, when Soifon gives a Hannibal Lecture and turns loose the Mooks, Yoruichi beats them all in one panel.
  • Jidanbo knocking three traitors the same size as him flat without taking a hit in return. Bizarrely left out of the anime.

Hueco Mundo Arc

  • Isshin gets one when he drops the goofy dad act to reveal the fact that he is a Captain-level Shinigami. And then proceeds to use his sword to slice a giant arrancar in half.
    • Let's not forget that it wasn't just any arrancar - it was Grand Fisher, the Hollow who killed his wife. It's Personal.

  Isshin: You may have no interest in me...but I came here to kill you.

  • Grimmjow gets one when Orihime reform his arm, allowing him to re-take his place as the sixth Espada.... by delivering the mother of all Curb Stomp Battles to Luppi.
  • Orihime's real Moment comes when, after being offering herself as a Barrier Maiden and being imprisoned by Aizen, she is set upon by two jealous Arrancar girls, who give her a rather savage beating. Then, when the two are butchered by a superior (Grimmjow) who has come to take Orihime away, she promptly proves that she is capable of resurrecting the dead -- apparently not holding a grudge against those who just nearly killed her.
    • And before that? When Orihime is being tortured by Menoly and Loly, we get a closeup to her face. She's been beaten up so badly that her face is disfigured... but she hasn't cried a single tear over it. For a soft-hearted and sensitive girl who's very much indefense, it's quite a lot.
    • This troper'd say that the part where she gets plucky and bitchslaps Ulquiorra after he declared that her friends would all die was just as good as that, though.
    • Chapter 341 of the manga. Orihime uses her shields again. To stop an attack from none other than * Ulquiorra*. Notice that now she doesn't even need to chant the Rikka spells to do such things, and that this is Ulquiorra aka the Fourth more powerful Espada we're talking about.
  • Kuchiki Byakuya, in order to keep Espada No. 7 from controlling parts of his body, calmly cuts the tendons in his own arm and leg. Without even flinching.
    • Another one comes shortly after that. #7's power is that, should one of his 50 eyes lock in on a body part, he controls it. He uses this ability on Rukia's head, which allows him to control her brain and, thus, her whole body. He then has Rukia hold her sword up to her neck and threatens to have her kill herself if Byakuya doesn't give up. Byakuya puts his zanpakto away, paralyzes Rukia with Bakudo #61, then proceeds to use his bankai.
  • Mayuri gets his own where he not only comes to save Renji and Uryu while either squicking them out or just plain humiliating Uryu from his Arrancar equivalent Szayel Aporro Grantz, he ends the battle by stabbing him through the heart and hand while the other was under the effect of a drug that heightens his reflexes to the point that the stabbing takes centuries. Seeing as he's amongst the biggest Base Breakers in the series, this would either redeem him slightly in the eyes of the fans or make him look even more evil.
  • Every single second Bull Ichigo is on screen.
  • Ishida grabbing Bull Ichigo's arm to try and stop him from killing the... remnants of Ulquiorra (the 40% of him that's left is not as pretty as it used to be). He's more worried about Ichigo losing his humanity than he is about saving the life of the Emospada who cut off his hand. The only thing that could have made it more awesome was if Bull Ichigo hadn't started attacking him instead of Ulquiorra.
  • Episode 200. Nnoitra brags about his hierro being the toughest in Espada history. While Ichigo and Orihime just stare on in shock, Yachiru smiles and slowly licks her lips. Even though she didn't actually do anything, there was just something innately badass about that moment.
    • And in the next episode, Zaraki Kenpachi just continues to prove what a walking CMOA he is. Yet all the while, Yachiru stands there smiling, which, compared to Ichigo and Inoue freaking out over everything, somehow just contributes to her awesomeness.
      • This Troper feels the need to point out what he feels is Kenpachi's CMOA of CMOA in this fight: Catching a freaking Cero barehanded and tossing away like a goddamned beach ball. Even Nnoitra's just standing there with a look that just says "Oh. Fuck. Me."
    • The hell with it, the entire freaking eleventh division is made of awesome. If anyone from it is not having a Crowning Moment of Awesome, they will soon enough.
  • Rukia exposing her seemingly ressurected and evil teacher, Kaien Shiba, as Aaroniero Arruruerie, and then proceeding to kill him by cutting him in half using her Third Dance, Shirafune. And verbally owning him as she did so.
      • I agree on this point. The first time we see her Shikai, she one-shots D-roy, an Arrancar that could have killed Sado in one blow, and the second time, Hakuren is used to save Ichigo from Grimmjow. She also beat Rudobon and the Exequias he produced single-handedly when he released, and froze his branches, preventing him from using his power.

Fake Karakura Town Arc

  • Izuru recently got one in the manga while fighting Abirama. After Abirama criticizes Izuru for not acting like a warrior (chants, goading, insults, etc.), he starts to beat Izuru down, asking him what his weird shaped zanpakuto could possibly do. Izuru finally manages to lure him in and hit his wings (which are heavier than steel) four times, multiplying their weight by 16 and effectively paralyzing him. Izuru calmly explains that his zanpakuto best portrays the traits of his division: the magnolia symbol of the 3rd division means despair, and they view war as something dark and undesirable. His zanpakuto's name is Wabisuke, which is fitting since its power makes its opponents bend down as if in apology. Izuru finally replies "You asked what I could do with this strange shaped sword." He holds the sword up below Abirama's head, literally hooking him into a reverse guillotine.
    • "A warrior does not beg for his life." SHUNK
  • "Ryuujin Jakka. Number One. Nadegiri. Is "stop" such a difficult concept to understand, kid?" And the same huge chimera that almost kills Matsumoto, Momo and Hisagi is split in half with a single stroke. WOW, YAMAMOTO.
  • The revelation of Baraggan Luisenbarn's Arrancar powers. Yes, I know. Poor Soifon. But it's still awesome for him.
    • Also freaky as hell
      • It also brings up yet another Soifon CMOA: She has Omaeda cut her rotting arm off right then
      • And then Soifon Ban- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!
      • While we're on her bankai, how about the fact that she usually can't use it more than once because of the toll it takes on her. When Hachigen traps Barragan in a kido box, he asks Soifon to shoot it again. She does.
  • Ushoda Hachigen is the ONLY Vizard that wins his fight. How does he do it? By using Barragan's own power against him by cutting off his own rotting forearm and transferring it into Barragan's body causing the old bastard to rot from the inside out.

 Barragan: What have you done with your arm?

Hachi: I gave it to you.


      • And the best part about it? Shinji's smile as he nonchalantly releases his shikai.
      • Kyoraku showing he can play quietly when he feels like it, by using speed and his swords alone to attack Aizen, only using the shadow game on the couple of occasions he got the opportunity. When Kyoraku manages to stab him through a shadow on the ice, Aizen - of all people - calls him a bastard. To which he is typically unconcerned.
  • Chapter 393, and Aizen is still on a roll: Everyone in FKK is down for the count. Old Man Genocide steps up to bat. How does he go about fighting Aizen? By allowing Aizen to stab him, then grabbing his sword arm, Kenpachi style. After some more banter, Yama reveals his plan to kill Captain Broken once and for all: He's going to burn Karakura Town to the ground, killing everyone on the scene, including Aizen, Gin, and well over half of the Gotei 13. Does Aizen have a plan to counter the strongest fighter in Soul Society? You bet he does, and the name of this plan is... Wonderweiss Margera, who specializes in Anti-Magic.
    • Old Man Genocide gets one somewhat, as Aizen explicitly states that Yamamoto is stronger than he is. That's right. Aizen himself says he cannot beat Yamamoto alone. Considering the fact that Aizen was thought to be the strongest person in the series thus far, that's saying a lot.
      • To put it in perspective, the official data for their personal combat ability (persumably excluding zanpakutou powers) put Aizen and Yamamoto as equal in terms of total point score; Aizen, however, states that Ryuujin Jakka's unrivaled offensive power would tip the scales in Yamamoto's favour.
  • Chapter 394: Deprived of the power of Ryuujin-Jakka, Yamamoto decides, instead, to go the Badass Normal way and beat Wonderweiss to death with his bare hands.
  • In the latest chapters, Yamamoto proves his Badass status by, in order, purposely taking Aizen's sword to his stomach, setting off a suicidal fire attack from his Zanpakuto, and then, after having the aforementioned attack sealed away and without his sword's powers, beating a high-level Arrancar to death with his bare hands, jumping on what is in effect a nuclear hand grenade, surviving that, and then successfully playing dead in order to grab the series' unstoppable villain by the foot and nail him with the most powerful attack spell to date... without incantation. Aizen has to jump away to avoid serious damage, and even then he did not come out completely unscathed.
      • Up against someone like Yamamoto, Aizen seems to have nothing but his magical toy and his game-breaking sword and still has a couple of close calls. The old man, OTOH, is willing to sacrifice himself (and everyone else...which trope should that be?) uses unlikely, reckless tactics - allowing himself to be stabbed - and is most importantly not limited to the powers of his sword. What Aizen got through luck and bastard-ness, Yamamoto got through experience and...being a different kind of bastard.
  • Chapter 398 features an absolutely EPIC moment, Isshin sending Aizen flying through several buildings by giving him the finger!
    • This can interpret in two ways:
      • He is so good, he can perform Kido powerful enough to affect Aizen without mumbling a single word.
      • He is so AWESOME, he can send Aizen flying just by SNAPPING HIS FINGERS!
  • Ukitake gets one in the manga when he backhands the Lilynette's cero out of existence. He asked the kid several times to not bother him, and when kid refused to listen, BAM. Gone.
    • Ukitake revealing his shikai ability for the first time when he deflects Starrk's ceros. Also, his "no arguments" line to Kyoraku when he tries to protest. Starrk's theory on over-powering Ukitake's zanpakuto may be sound, but we never saw Ukitake have any trouble no matter how many ceros Starrk fired or how fast he moved.
      • The hints at Kyoraku's bankai are a Crowning Moment waiting to happen, just the fact that Jushiro (Terminally ill yet still backhands ceros) Ukitake seems worried about what it could do.
        • Neither of them like to risk lives unnecessarily, and as far as we've seen will not fight with any kind of force unless they have to. The moment these two secondary characters of greatly implied ability get a reason to 'get serious' (okay, so Kyoraku totally mocked the notion, but anyway...) it's going to be a CMOA.
  • Hachi's comes during the flashback arc when he pulls off a Level 99 Kido spell without incantation, one-shotting the now mindless Kensei.
  • Big Badass Wolf Komamura Sajin is normally thought as one of the weaker captains, but in the recent chapter, he gets one Crowning Moment of Awesome when after being knocked down by an opponent that managed to defeat Ikkaku, quickly gets back on his feet, blocks and throws away his opponent, even though the opponent's size is way more immense than him, then rather than toying around, quickly curb-stomped him with Bankai. From that point on, the audience know that Komamura's not just all bark.
  • Marechiyo Omaeda who has up until now been a fat rich guy who has only been known to stuff his face and getting owned by a bare-handed Ichigo. Then when he fought Nirgge Parduoc, he was simply being seen getting thrown around and doing little damage with his sword. The Fraccion was even able to mock him for his slow speed. Then the Fraccion released and became stronger, with a cut in speed. Nirgge chased Omaeda around until Omaeda revealed he was much faster than the Fraccion and proceeded to crush his head with his Shikai. That made this editor go "Daaaayuuuum" after reading the chapter.
  • The most recent Soifon CMOA, now from the manga? Not only does she verbally bitchslap Omaeda for coming to her rescue, but she kills Ggio Vega with incredible speed and swiftness.

  Soifon: "I'm sorry. I said death in two strokes, but you probably only felt one"...

  • In the manga as well... Rangiku Matsumoto is cornered by three Arrancar ladies as Hitsugaya fights Halibel. Guess who comes to the rescue in a GREAT Big Damn Heroes? MOMO HINAMORI. Yes, one of the most hated characters, who isn't fully healed of her HUGE traumas but has at least assumed that there are things she has to do. And even pulls a small Batman Gambit by using her kido to suppress her spiritual pressure and slip unnoticed towards the place Rangiku was fighting so she could join her without interruptions, AND then use her power to create a a huge explosion, while still having energy left to raise a barrier to protect herself and Rangiku.. This Troper was literally squealing after reading said manga chapter, so overjoyed she was at all of this.

Deicide Arc

  • Chapter 399 has Ichigo totally gimping Gin's 13 km long sword and hitting him with a getsuga tensho. Gin actually opens his eyes, which is saying something.
  • Chapter 402 has Urahara use nothing but kido spells to trick Aizen into blowing himself up. Of course, we have to wait until the next chapter to see if it sticks.
    • That just doesn't do it credit. Urahara pulls the same trick he used on Yammy to fool Aizen long enough to hit him with a low level binding spell. When Aizen points out it won't hold him for more than a few seconds Urahara uses those few seconds to pile on MORE binding spells to hold Aizen long enough to recite a LEVEL NINETY ONE kido spell and nuke Aizen into little bits. Then when the Hogukou brings Azien back Urahara tricks him AGAIN, points out the whole thing was to place seals on Aizen. At which point Aizen gets blasted with ALL HIS OWN POWER. He outmaneuvered Captain Broken three times, in one chapter. AWESOME!!
  • Chapter 403 is nothing but this for everyone involved:
    • Aizen admits that if he weren't powered up by the Hogyoku, Urahara would have beaten him.
    • Aizen finally shows off his real fighting style beyond the "stand there, use illusions, single slash to the stomach when they let their guard down" strategy he's been using on people he's already hypnotized, and it's... leaping about like a gymnast, using high kicks and spinning jumps. It's actually really nice to watch.
    • Yoruichi shows up, and actually manages to hurt Aizen more than anyone we've seen so far!
  • Remember Keigo? You know, who ran after Tatsuki told him to?. Well, he went TO GET A SWORD TO DEFEND THEM BOTH. Granted, it's not his, but that kid's still got balls
    • This is nothing against the sheer Crazy Awesomeness of the other one of Those Two Guys: Mizuiro was completly unfazed about the invincible Aizen, even after he survived an explosion!
      • An explosion HE caused - double CMOA for him.
  • Gin in 414. He reveals that he knows the one weakness to Aizen's complete hypnosis, and uses it to stab him in the heart. Then he reveals that his sword's ability isn't what he's been telling everyone. It can turn into a dust which destroys the cells from within, and he just left a piece of that dust in Aizen's heart. Cue most of Aizen's chest simply vanishing into nothingness. Even if/when Aizen survives it, that was pure, undiluted awesome.
    • It's hard to overstate how awesome that was. In a series where everyone explains their ability in full before using it, Gin lied about his bankai, fooling even the readers.
    • To make this clear: HE. OUT GAMBITTED. AIZEN! No wonder Aizen was so pissed off.
  • As of Chapter 417 Ichigo is about to duel Aizen, but suggests they move to another spot, away from his friends and family, so that they can finish each other off without hurting anyone else. Aizen scoffs at him, merely commenting that moving would be pointless, as he plans to kill Ichigo and then demolish the rest of Karakura Town shortly afterward. Before he can finish, Ichigo comes barreling out of nowhere and delivers a truly awesome, well-deserved Face Palm of Doom, leaping up into the air WITH his hand still in Aizen's face to a more secluded area, THROWING AIZEN TO THE FLOOR AND DESTROYING THE GROUND AS AIZEN WAS PROPELLED DOWNWARDS'. Aizen, understandably, is not pleased, but Ichigo has once again proven his total badassery due to that moment.
    • What makes it even more awesome is that freaking Aizen has no clue how it happened. He can't sense any reiatsu from Ichigo at all, which led to thinking that Ichigo failed to get any stronger. Ichigo made Captain Butterfly bleed with nothing but brute strength.
    • Well, it may well be THE most awesome moment in the last twenty episodes, considering Aizen was constantly leveling up, mocking move after move done against him. Ichigo, the same person who was afraid to do a single strike against Aizen when he caught him off-guard, only needs ONE transformation to give our well-behated Captain Broken a well-deserved ass-kicking!
  • Chapter 418: Aizen crushes the landscape with a single swordstroke! Ichigo is completely unfazed. Aizen swings at Ichigo with insane Speed! Ichigo blocks it with his hand. Aizen actually gets off his lazy ass and performs the full-power chant for the Black Coffin spell, showing us exactly what he meant when he said that it was a "failure" the first time he used it! Ichigo shatters the magic without a single word. Ichigo explains to Aizen that he is stronger than Aizen now, and asks Aizen if he's scared of something he can't understand. Finally, Ichigo explains that the sword that broke the landscape wasn't Aizen's... it was his! It says a lot when someone who's been a Smug Snake through basically the entire manga has a Villainous Breakdown.
    • Would it be awesome or stupid if Aizen, after spending most of the series being a smug Villain Sue ended up being an Anticlimax Boss? I'm not even sure anymore.
    • I've been pretty much expecting Aizen to be an Anticlimax Boss, but this is ridiculous. It's somewhere between really awesome and really stupid. Still, out of context it was a pretty good "fight".
  • Chapter 420: Mugetsu. That is all.
    • Somewhat defusing the awesome of the above, Aizen maanges to live through Ichigo's ultimate attack, albeit severely weakened, and has him dead to rights. However, Urahara shows up, and reveals that he planted a kido seal in Aizen way back when Aizen was first using the Hogokyu to evolve, which causes the Hogokyu to reject Aizen as its master. Aizen goes off on a rant about how Urahara, a genius like himself, should be siding with him, which Urahara calmly denies. Aizen doesn't even get to finish his rant before the seal completely envelops him.
  • And recently, the Fuck You Boom Finger Isshin aimed at Aizen, which sent said Big Bad FLYING. Cue 'Oh shit' face from Aizen.

Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc.

  • In Chapter 424, Ichigo has lost his spiritual powers, but while beating up a mugger, reveals that all the Training From Hell he went through left him with incredible reflexes. He demonstrates by casually catching a knife stab between the fingers of one hand while punching out the mugger with his other hand.
  • In Chapter 439, Orihime shows her Messiah ID again by defending Shishi, a guy who had just threatened her, from Tsukishima, a guy with a Fullbringer who wants to kill them both. (Or so it seems) Even when Tsukishima is abotu to use his Fullbringer powers on her.
  • Ichigo's new form from chapter 444 , anyone?
  • 448. Orihime and Chad go to the X-Cution HQ. Riruka questions Orihime's presence. She stands her ground and refuses to leave Congratulations. *clapclapclap*
    • 449. When Ginjo attacks her, Orihime calmly pulls out her hairpins and uses her powers to defend herself. No incantation, no shock or fear, she just... does it. And by the looks of it, she doesn't use just one shield of her Rikka, but combines two of them so she can both attack AND defend. * stands up and claps more *.
      • "Sadistic? I don't mind you calling me that. If you don't want to get hurt, don't attack me when I say not to."
      • "These 17 months you were powerless... Neither Sado-kun nor I were sitting on our thumbs, Kurosaki-kun. We believed that one day, the time would come when you would regain your powers and fight again. So we swore to ourselves, me and Sado-kun... when the time came, we'd be right there beside you, and we would NEVER fall behind again!" Seriously, screw the haters trying to devalue and decry how this arc is doing wonders on Orihime, she's awesome!
  • 451 can be said to be a Full Chapter of Awesome for Ginjo, who may be in the way to Magnificent Bastardry for completely outclassing Ichigo... both physically and mentally.
  • Conversely, 453 is a Chapter of Awesome for Tsukishima, who subjects Ichigo to a swift but brutal Mind Rape by not attacking or raising a hand against him... but via using his Fullbring to insert himself into his life, brainwashing his sisters and friends into thinking he's their cousin and/or long-time friend, and holding them hostage. This is so clever, complex and well-done ( even including a Memory Gambit from... Ginjo, to make Ichigo fall even harder for it, as revealed some episodes later) that this might be one of the rare moments where Crowning Moment of Awesome overlaps with Kick the Dog or Moral Event Horizon... we still don't have that "Crowning Moment of Evil" trope, do we?
  • 459. After a really long number of Nightmare Fuel-filled chapters, Ichigo has lost. Just then, he gets stabbed through the back. He turns around, and who is there? Rukia, who does a repeat of the first chapter by giving him back his shinigami powers.
    • Not to mention that Rukia has finally become a Lieutenant. That is a piece of awesome that overshadows the entire chapter.
  • 460. Ginjo believes that Ichigo attacked him with a Getsuga Tensho, and tells him that his power has hardly increased from regaining his powers. Ichigo reveals that this was nothing but the air pressure from a normal sword swing, and fires a real Getsuga Tensho, which takes off a massive portion of the building behind Ginjo. Let's point this out. A practice swing had the power of Ichigo's original Getsuga Tensho. Strawberry just got broken, Again.
    • Just to emphasise the point, it doesn't "cut" the top of the building off like Kenpatchi did way back in the Soul Society arc, the top of the building is just gone like it's been vaporized completely.
    • Not to mention when his Getsuga Tenshou seems to be LITERALY cutting the sky in half (with the moon in the background) best seen here and here
  • 461 reveals that Head Captain Genryuusai Yamamoto, Old Man Genocide himself, ordered (not just suggested, ordered) every captain and lieutenant in the Gotei 13 to lend their reiatsu to restore Ichigo's powers. Best, thank you, EVER.
    • "Sorry. I missed." Did no one else find that awesome?
      • Yes. Also, "You are not going anywhere."
  • 463. Kenpachi OHKs Giriko. That is all.

 "Hey, Kuchiki. I wanna switch opponents. Your guy looks stronger. Mine looks boring." (cue OHK) "See? Boring."

  • Byakuya gets one in chapter 464 when he goes up against Tsukishima. He decides that he's happy to be fighting Tsukishima because of how he despises the way he fights. He then calls him a coward and declares his intention to kill the Mind Raping bastard before he finishes swinging his blade.
    • There's also the fact that he blocked Tsukishima's attack without looking.
  • 465: Ikkaku flexes his dislocated shoulder back in place.
  • 466: Hitsugaya also effortlessly trolls... er, defeats Yukio using the latter's Fullbring against himself.

  "...I see. Your parents abandoned you."

  • Chapter 467: Ikkaku vs Shishigawara. Both major Crazy Awesome and hilarity ensue.
    • Also, Hitsugaya changing his mind and saving Yukio. To trap him in his ice and give him a sort-of last chance. Well played, man.
  • In what this troper considers a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the Bleach villains; Even after his Heel Face Turn, This Troper couldn't stand Byakuya doing stupid shit for the sake of Honor and pride, so when he boasted that Tsukishima was unworthy of a noble death and he would kill him before Tsukishima could even swing his blade and he would cast his body aside, This Troper just sighed...and then cue Tsukishima wiping the floor with him, followed by:

  Tsukishima: Your sword and techniques...I've seen them so many times, it's downright boring!

  • 469: Byakuya shrugging off Tsukishima's attempted mind rape after getting hit by him.
  • 472: Byakuya stabbing Tsukishima with Senbonzakura blades that he had stabbed into his arms, not knowing if such a tactic would work or not.
  • 473: Byakuya was, in fact, brainwashed to remember owing a tremendous debt to Tsukushima. He killed him anyway because it was the right thing to do and Ichigo was STILL more important to Byakuya.
  • 474: Ginjo starts mocking Ichigo about how Substitute Soul Reapers are just pawns of the Gotei 13, and that he's being used like a puppet. Ichigo's response?: BANKAI!!
      • And then he says:

 Ichigo: Screw you. I'm tired of you idiots trying to shake my resolve like this.

  • 475: Ichigo's Bankai release utterly destroyed what was supposedly an indestructible ability within seconds. Deathberry just keeps getting more badass as this story arc goes on.
    • Okay. this troper's favorite bankai is once again Tensa Zangetsu; anyone else think the new style of Ichigo's bankai is yet another example of taking a level in badass?
    • "No, seriously. Shut up."
    • Ginjo revealing his Bankai.
  • 477 has THREE of these for Riruka. She first uses Rukia's body that she is possessing to block a slash from the still-alive Tsukishima directed to Ichigo, then releases Rukia's body and returns to using her own to block another one, and then she talks Tsukishima down to keep him from attacking Ichigo.

The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

    • Ivan baits Ichigo into activating his bankai just so he can whip out his special anti-Bankai technique. What follows is a full 5 pages of special effects and Ichigo's Oh Crap face. Then, just when you're convinced that Ichigo is royally screwed, he completely No Sells the technique and counters with a Getsuga Tenshou right into Ivan's face.
  • 484. The Vandenreich effortlessly dodge Ryujin-Jakka at point-blank range and disappear.
    • Not only that, but they kill Yamamoto's liutenant Chojuro Sasakibe. He's the first straight-up fatality on the good guys's side ever since the beginning of the manga. Oh, and later we learn that they have already conquered Hueco Mundo and keep Harribel hostage. It's both awesome and horrible.
    • Tying with the above, even when Sasakibe ended up kicking it, we have to give him points for managing to use his Famous Last Words to relay vital info to Yamamoto. While bleeding to death, nevertheless.
  • 487: The return of Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-Sung is made of this. Not to mention Menoly and Loly were able to smuggle their Zanpakutos in after the captive arrancars all had theirs confiscated by the Vandenreich.
  • 488: Despite their epic entrance last chapter, Kirge Opie obliterates them when they refuse his offer for them to join Vandenreich.
  • 489: There is one for Ichigo: the moment the leader of the Vandereich learns that Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo and currently occupied fighting against Kirge Opie and his henchmen,he IMMEDIATELY orders an attack against Soul Society. Why is this a CMOA for Ichigo? Because this showed that the Vandereich considers him alone more dangerous than the entire army of Soul Society!!!
  • 491: Kirge gets one when he unleashes his powers and not only he dodges the Getsuga Tenshou, but also peels off everything around him -- including Orihime's Santen Kesshun. Thinks whatever you want about him, but that's pretty badass.
  • 492: Lets just say it all together...ALLON SMASH!
  • Pretty subtle until you sit back and think about it, but Ichigo vs. Kirge. Kirge has gone Quincy Final Form 2.0, while Ichigo... has stuck with his Shikai. I repeat, Ichigo is fighting a Quincy stronger than a regular captain with his initial release. And doesn't seem to be having that much trouble. And we now know why their leader wanted to invade while he was busy.
    • Ichigo has now used his Bankai. The look on Kirge's face tells us he knows how screwed he now is.
    • The other Vandereich get one crossing with Kick the Dog, as they manage to yet again go into the Seiteirei, out gambitting the defenses and soul barriers of the Gotei.
  • 494: One that overlaps with Moral Event Horizon: The Vandereich decimating an almost whole division as they fully enter Seiteirei

 The Unnamed Leader of the Stern Ritter: "Fear us Shinigami. As of now, the Stern Ritter will purify you."

  Rose: "My guitar and I are already crying. Don't think you can make back home alive, Quincy.


  • A moment of Byakuya's occurs in the movie, Memories of Nobody. Rukia was getting her ass handed to her by one of the Dark Ones, things were looking bleak. Then, you saw the blades from Byakuya's bankai rise from the ground, without actually seeing Byakuya. He gives the command, ripping the Dark One to shreds, and then just turns around and mutters over his shoulder something to the effect of "Let's go home." Rukia books to catch up to him. This troper saw the dubbed movie in theaters, and the audience broke out into applause as soon as the blades began to appear.
  • Forget your Byakuya, I saw this dubbed in theaters also and while that drew applause, Kenpachi showing up caused people to STAND AND CHEER! Not to mention his total WTFPWN of his opponent.
  • Soi Fon in the movie Memories of Nobody was also deserves a mention here. First, while one of the Dark Ones, Benin (the girl with purple hair), was about to fire an arrow at Yumichika. She fires the arrow ... only for Soi Fon stole her arrow the second she fired it. In fact, it takes her a while to realize her arrow disappeared and Soi Fon had to call out to her for her to truly realize.
    • Also from the movie, Kenpachi and Yachiru were just walking around when suddenly something sharp cut Kenpachi's face. He grabbed the blade and flung it to where the Dark One was hiding. He backed up and bam! Kenpachi was right behind him. Then, he tried to run away, only to be easily caught up with Yachiru, who was laughing the whole time, seeing it as a game.
  • In the Hell Chapter movie, Ichigo finds out that he was tricked into coming to Hell so the villains could force him into his uber-hollow form and break them out. Ichigo is sent back by an emergency spell, but leaves Yuzu, Renji, Rukia and Ishida stranded in Hell, with Yamamoto forbidding him to save them and leaving Ukitake and Toshiro to guard the partially damaged Hell Gate. After a pep talk from both Byakua and Orihime, Ichigo shows up at the hell gate with a look that clearly says "I fucking DARE you to try and stop me." The Hell's Will guardian showing up provides them with a convenient excuse to ignore him, but you can tell Toshiro was thinking "Nah man. I like having my spinal cord intact." It's not a fight or a big victory, but it's a great moment that shows that you never want to get in Ichigo's way.
    • That was still nothing compared to Ichigo temporalily becoming an agent of Hell, to punish Kokuto. That has got to be THE most awesome scene in all the four movies.

== Filler Arc/Unsorted == in this series?

  • Orihime has a crowning moment in her fight against Mabashi where she walks straight through everything a supercharged, mind-controlled Rukia can throw at her without flinching, throws off the insane soul-sucker with an offhand attack, and then hugs her friend back to sanity via giving her a hug and then activating her healing shield.
    • And this is after a scene which has eerie parallels to the "Rukia has to kill Kaien" flashback. With Rukia as "Kaien" begging Orihime to attack her before she's mindcontrolled, Orihime as "Rukia" refusing to do so, and Hisagi as "Ukitake" telling Orihime to attack (though with the difference that Ukitake told Rukia to not intervene in the fight between Kaien and the Hollow that would kill him. And Orihime manages to resolve the dilemma without either staying aside or attacking.
    • Uryuu gets two smaller moments of awesome after the Soul Society Arc, both of which get upstaged by his father. In the first, he shows that even without his powers he's not defenseless against a Menos...before Ryuuken shows that he can save Uryuu's scrawny neck AND take out two incomplete Arrancar with three shots. In the second, Uryuu is about to get run into the ground by his father and pulls off a bit of Functional Magic that appears to have stopped the assault in its tracks...until Ryuuken breaks the spell in a matter of seconds and shoots Uryuu through the heart. (He gets better.)
  • Renji, Matsumoto and Hitsugaya's simultaneous lifting of their limiters, at a point where we'd long forgotten those even existed. They open a can of hardcore whoop-ass right afterwards. (This scene was agreed to be notably more majestic in the manga, though)
  • The exact way he says it makes the moment even more epic. Everyone else who has revealed it, says it in a semi-calm way. Ikkaku? "BANKAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!"
    • Yumichika gets a second one when he's fighting the arrancar Charlotte Coolhorn. Charlotte uses his strongest attack which completely engulfs the field in darkness, and Yumichika thanks him for it because it means he can use his zanpakuto's special ability. Bye-bye Charlotte.
    • Ichigo was getting beaten up pretty badly by Nnoitra's subordinate, and all seemed lost until - He's here, he's here, he's here, he's here........!! ZARAKI KENPACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Urahara also gets one during the third training exercise with Ichigo. He tells Ichigo to knock his hat off. As soon as he makes an attempt, Urahara produces his own sword and promptly reduces Ichigo's weapon to a handle.
    • Chronologically, his first crowning moment of awesome was during his inauguration as Captain of Squad 12. His new lieutenant is less than pleased with him, and proceeds to kick him in the crotch. He doesn't even flinch. Bad. Ass. It is immediately topped by the next panel, which shows the attacker tending to her injured foot, while mumbling "What are they, made out of brass or something?" (Manga: "What does that bastard wear under his hakama.."). Yes. Yes they are.
      • Talkin' about "BALLS OF STEEL".......
      • There's scene that came not long after!: Urahara offers to let Hiyori fight him if she really hates him that much. During the fight, she launches herself and kicks him in the face so fast that his Squad 12 subordinates mention that he "didn't even have time to react". Afterwards, Hiyori reveals that Urahara was fast enough to step out of the way of the kick, smile at her, and get back in the way, showing his expertise in hand-to-hand combat and showing his lieutenant that he might not be the doofus she thought he was.
        • And that he's a good enough guy to take a drop-kick to the face so that his new lieutenant wouldn't be humiliated. Only someone like the self-effacing, goofy-yet-badass Kisuke would do such a thing.
  • Inoue and Uryu get love, but none for Sado?

 "I made a decision. I won't use my fists for my own sake."

    • While we're discussing Chad's backstory, let's talk about the little incident involving Chad's peso. One moment goes to Chad for sticking to his guns when a gang of thugs tries to rob him. Another goes to Ichigo who, upon arriving on the scene, dials the hospital while counting off each gang member so they know how many ambulances to send. Needless to say, ass was kicked. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as it solidified Ichigo and Chad's friendship.
  • Soifon gets one (unfortunately it's only in the filler): She gets in a fight with Ichigo, and after a few minutes of even fighting, she sticks her sword in the ground, attacks him unarmed, and proceeds to kick his butt all over the place until Rukia bails him out.
    • For more Soifon Filler Awesome, check out her trashing of Mabashi during the Bount Arc. Mabashi has poisoned her, and assumes after a certain point that she's dead. He makes the mistake of coming too close, and she takes this opportunity to deliver the second strike of her zanpakuto, killing him instantly. So awesome, you almost forget you're watching filler.
  • Nel gets one of these after reverting to her true form, when she casually eats Nnoitra's cero and spits it back at him. With her own cero alongside it!
    • What truly solidified this troper's love of her, though, was her contemptuous, epic put-down of Nnoitra when he tried to get her to kill him shortly afterward.
    • That entire battle was crammed full of concentrated awesome (for both sides? Hmm...). This troper's personal favorite was the flashback, where Nel, usually a calm pacifist, opened a can of hurt on Nnoitra for harming her fraccion.
  • A tiny one but... after beating Ichigo silly. Grimmjow pulls off an Ali Shuffle - I found it epic.
  • Filler one, Kira destroying a traitor and cutting his Bakkoutou in half.
  • From filler: Yamamoto's final showdown with Amagai. While the Captain General is free to use his powers after the destruction of the Bakkoto, he just stands still and lets Amagai stab him all the way through just so that the latter would be stunned long enough to hear the truth about his personal vendetta against Yamamoto. Afterward, Amagai willingly commits suicide to atone for his crimes.
  • Bleach episode 235: Hollow Ichigo fighting Muramasa. Ichigo and Renji's "I won't lose" speeches to Muramasa and Zabimaru and Renji successfuly using his Shikai, while Zabimaru IS APART FROM HIM! Zabimaru's expression(s) should tell you that.
  • The way Renji defeats Zabimaru in Episode 236. He tricks Snakey into grabbing his zanpakuto, breaks it with kido (which Zabimaru didn't think he could do), then uses Higa Zekkou to shoot the shards at both parts of Zabimaru, defeating them. It's quite a brilliant way to defeat an opponent who knows exactly how he fights.
  • Episode 241, while filler, is a twenty minute list of reasons why Byakuya Kuchiki is fucking awesome.
    • And on a related note, the episode also shows that Bleach is still capable of hosting some awesome battles. All three of 241's fights were fast-paced, well-choreographed and best of all highly enjoyable to watch.
  • Episode 243, of the Zanpakuto arc, has Kira scaring KAZESHINI with a bluff on his shikai, and defeats him with kido. Wabisuke himself then sneaks up on Kira, and using his blade, weighs Kira's down. And he did this without making a sound, or Kira noticing him until it was too late, and he carries a giant tombstone, and ball and chain tied to his leg.
    • We mustn't forget Kenpachi: he appears by releasing his reiatsu inside a building, blows it up, and laughs insanely as the episode ends.
      • Yes, that is a Crowning Moment all by itself. See for yourself.
      • He then proceeds to take this even further by removing his eyepatch and releasing so much spirit pressure that can only be described it as a TACTICAL NUKE in order to blow away everyone but Byakuya, who he wanted to fight all along. Oh, and did I mention his pwning of Wabisuke in a single hit mere seconds before? Here it is in all its glory.
        • Kenpachi grabbed Wabisuke's shikai after the blade hit his shoulder. That's two parts of his body that should now weight twice as much. Kenpachi didn't even seem to notice.
      • Let's not forget him overpowering Senbonzakura's Bankai, owning Byakuya and this episode is a CMOA itself.
        • In truth Zaraki is so Badass that, when you hear his bells it's a Crowning Moment of Awesome! That's right, he doesn't even have to be seen to be awesome, just hearing him, and knowing he's somewhere close, is enough for peaple to start cheering!!!
  • Bleach episode 247 for Muramasa, also counts as Moral Event Horizon: Muramasa instigated the Zanpakuto Rebellion for the sole purpose of trying to figure out how to break through a barrier Yamamoto set up to keep him out. He found his method using Ichigo's ultimate Getsuga Tensho, which broke through the barrier, and Muramasa entered Yamamoto's inner world, and bent Ryujin Jakka to his will. The first thing he does is incinerate Katen Koyokotsu and Sogyo no Kotowari with Ryujin Jakka's power, and vows to destroy Soul Society. Seriously, this guy just became as dangerous as Aizen.
  • And how could we possibly forget Muramasa's "Keikaku doori" (Yes, he actually said those exact words) right after he explains what he's been planning, combined with his Kira face (which bears a striking resemblance to Light's face when he thinks "Omoidoori!" three times in episode 36 of Death Note) immediately after incinerating Katen Kyoukotsu and Sogyo no Kotowari.
  • Bleach episode 248 for Hyourinmaru. Yes, Hitsuguaya's Zanpakuto. His bankai his him basically turning into a dragon, and he freezes Ryujin Jakka's flames long enough for Hitsuguaya to make an opening for Ichigo to go back to Karakura Town, to stop Muramasa from breaking his ALIVE master Kouga free from his seal, all to the music of Number One. If you read the spoilers, you read right: Hyorinmaru can freeze FLAME!
  • In episode 252, despite being a filler, had one big CMOA for Byakuya. It appears that he hadn't betrayed others at all. It was all to find Kouga and kill him. In the following battle...let's say that Byakuya's bankai never looked so awesome.
  • Bleach episode 259. Three words: Fulfill, Akeiro Hisagomaru!
  • Kenpachi vs. Tenken (episodes 246-249)! In particular, Tenken's first words:
    • For this troper, it's a wallbanger, I was really hoping to see a rematch between Tenken and Komamura, but it never happened. It's no contest that Zaraki won, even though the fight was never shown finishing.
  • Backtracking to the Amagai arc for a bit here. Izuru and his squad are out in the Dangai, and they're facing certain death. So, what happens? Amagai makes a Big Damn Heroes and ONE-SHOTS AN ONCOMING KOUTOTSU. While drunk.
    • Crosses into Narm Charm and Crowning Moment of Funny when he passes out right after saving them. Kira's Oh Crap face is priceless.
    • Speaking of Amagai, he looks absolutely AWESOME once his Bakkoto and Bankai are active. In one hand, he has a hooked sword with a flame cannon on the other side (Bankai) and in the other hand, he has a green lightsaber coming out of the mouth of a black dragon (Bakkoto). However, the eyeballs he literally wears with them is unnerving.
  • No mention of episode twenty? After Ichigo learns his sword's name, his first slice with it cuts Uraharas hat. Along with most of the ground behind him. In half. Coupled with the shows' Crowning Music of Awesome.
  • Episode 324. Kenpachi vs. Kenpachi. All that needs to be said.
  • Nemu, of all people, earns her first in a filler arc. As Rukia is having trouble fighting A Dark Clone of Nemu, and two Artificial Beings, Nemu shows up and quickly offs her clone by stabbing it in the heart with her hand. Badass.
  • Bleach Episode 325. Toshiro's Dark Clone has sealed Byakuya up in an ice golem. Byakuya, much to Toshiro's surprise, manages to burst out due to Senbonzakura. Reigai Toshiro begins to boast that he stills has the advantage and lunges to finish Byakuya only for Byakuya to catch the blade, and then surround both himself and Reigai Toshiro with his Gokei Technique.
  • I would call the most recent filler arc (from episode 316 ongoing) a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the animators. Pretty much every single episode in it has seen beautiful artwork and animation throughout, and at least one of which was of such high movie-like quality that it made this troper's jaw drop.
  • Episode 327, all this troper can say is KOMAMURA! IS! A! BADASS! Not only that, he finally won a filler fight! People are already considering it the best fight of the Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc.
    • Maybe it's just me, but how about Komamura having the guts to interrupt Kenpachi's battle with Reigai Soi Fon? Ichigo nearly got killed for just sitting between him and Yammy when he showed up in Hueco Mundo!
    • Also, in the most recent episode, Mayuri Kurotsuchi manages to swap places with his own Reigai and spears Inaba's back while he's gloating at the captains like an idiot. His priceless Oh Crap expression fits very well.
  • Why do the video games have no love yet?
    • In Bleach: The 3rd Phantom, after defeating your sibling and former captain/adoptive father, Seigen Suzunami, Seigen attempts to cut you down, causing your sibling to perform a non-fatal Heroic Sacrifice. That's not this trope, though. After witnessing this, your character unlocks a new super-powerful ability depending on how much training sessions you cleared beforehand. If you specialized in Zanjutsu training, you unlock Rengoku, a friggin huge Sword Beam. If you specialized in Kido training, you unlock Rasen, a purple Battle Aura that damages any surrounding enemies and inflicts status effects. If you specialized in Hoho training, you unlock Shunko. However, if you completed all the training in the game, You. Unlock. BANKAI. Cue Curb Stomp Battle. Keep in mind you're playing as an unseated officer with nowhere near as much experience as Seigen, who is a FORMER CAPTAIN.
    • In Dark Souls, Kai manages to clone FIVE of the Captains; namely, Ukitake, Mayuri, Hitsugaya, Komamura, and freaking BYAKUYA. On top of that, he also clones Orihime, Chad, Uryu and Renji.
  • The Maggot's Nest scene, in which Kisuke beats up a group of prisoners, most of which are twice his size. Hiyori also gets her moment here when one of the prisoners tries to take her hostage; she headbutts the guy and floors him with a spinning kick to the face.
  • Anytime the Captains work together to take down a common enemy. Examples include the climax scene of all three movies and the recent episode 328. All filler/non-canon unfortunately BUT STILL VERY EPIC.
  • During the Gotei 13 Invasion arc, the reigei Unohana attacks Yamamoto with all of the high level hakudo spells we've seen thus far, completely sealing him up. The original Unohana reminds her double that Yamamoto is the Commander General for a reason. Cue Yamamoto fucking melting through all of the restaints.
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