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  • Americans Love Iron Tager: Not that he's not popular in Japan, but with American-exclusive memes like "REAL SOVIET DAMAGE" and "GIGANTIC TAGER", being a hulking, manly cyborg and possibly second-manliest man after Bang, and the voice of Jamieson Price (a fan favorite for Badass Baritone voices in America)... anyone can see it coming.
  • Cliché Storm: Gloriously so! Ragna alone could be considered the expy of a gazillion shounen or seinen heroes, and the story just fires off anime cliches one after the other, yet behold how popular it is. Compared to other fighting game series; it's not a high standard to top.)
  • Die for Our Ship: Arakune must die for Bang x Litchi, Noel must die for Jin x Tsubaki, Noel and Tsubaki must die for Ragna x Jin, everyone must die for ν-13 x Ragna, and so on...
  • Les Yay:
    • Tao's favorite things in life seem to be, in no particular order: family, food, sleep and big breasts. She enjoys fondling and burying her head in Litchi's "airbags," tells Noel she should eat more meat buns to "make her boobies bigger," and spends much of Continuum Shift eating, sleeping and groping every other female character she comes across, even asking Bang if he's visiting Litchi's clinic to fondle her breasts like she is.

  Taokaka: "Oh Boobie Ladyyyy, where aaaare yooou? I wanna play with your bouncy boobies!"

    • In a non-canon segment, Litchi was apparently very... 'thorough' when examining Noel's 'beautiful, lithe, etc.' body in a Teach Me, Ms. Litchi: Reloaded segment...and doesn't realize she was being so 'thorough' because it was like 'a dream come true'.
  • Love to Hate: Terumi, though how you like him depends on how funny you find his trolling.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
  • Never Live It Down: Oh boy.
    • Ragna is having a hard time living down his reputation as an unrepentant mass murderer despite his shitty past and hidden golden heart.
    • Jin is probably going to be forever remembered as 'that brother-obsessed psycho Yandere' no matter what Character Development hit him. Even ASW endorses it in humorous segments.
    • Poor Litchi is becoming very much like Orihime, one unwilling Face Heel Turn due to a nasty, near unavoidable Sadistic Choice and she's forever marked as 'idiot', 'never a good person', 'utterly selfish and obsessed' regardless of the tons of genuinely good things she did in the past.
    • No matter what Character Development hit him, whatever true enemy he realizes, he can fight for justice, try to be a better man, but Bang's Arch Enemy is always going to be Jin.
  • The Scrappy: While it's very hard to see anyone as Scrappies, you'll find it very hard to find fans of Luna (not Platinum as whole), who's considered to be incredibly loud-mouthed and obnoxious, insulting nearly everyone she came across in a worse scale that surpassed even Rachel's haughtiness. People can't stand her and she contributes on how haters express their hate to Platinum (Sena and Trinity was much more well-received).
  • Tear Jerker: In the The Wheel of Fortune Drama CD, Tsubaki dies after pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to save Jin from Nu's stabs. With her last words thanking Jin for calling her by her "First Name" after so long, inviting him to the dinner Makoto had promised her, and ending it with saying "Jin-Niisama" gently one last time.
  • Toy Ship: There are viewers whom viewed many of Rachel's interactions with Carl as a potential case of this, while Ragna X Rachel gets more ship-tease in the series Carl X Rachel is not that far off (however this was mostly in Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger but there was a little bit of this in Blaz Blue Continuum Shift though.)
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