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Even if Blaz Blue is set in a cynical World of Woobie / Crapsack World, there are some amazing moments of idealism, kindness and love that are guaranteed to warm your heart.

NOTE: Unmarked spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution!

Litchi Faye-Ling

Litchi Faye-Ling may be working for the bad guys over at NOL now, but even if that was the case, she still is a kindly, motherly woman with a big heart (who is just unfortunately Forced Into Evil rather than going on willingly). Here are some of her actions that will melt your heart.

  • Litchi's relationship with Linhua. Litchi came to Orient Town, while Linhua was lost and confused and nobody was taking the poor girl in. Instead of ignoring her when she should've been concentrating on researching Arakune's cure, kindly offered her hand and made Linhua her apprentice in doctorate and acted as her mother figure, teaching her many things.
  • Her treatment to the Kaka clan is generally this. Trying her best to protect them from Arakune's rampage helped with Taokaka, teaching the kittens valuable lessons and trying to help the repopulation problems of the clan, and this is despite Elder Kaka saying that they're doomed anyway. The top of the moment, however, is chronicled at her CT story, when Elder Kaka asks if she would leave them alone after she finds what she's looking for. For someone like Litchi who could've gained much more fame if she didn't stay at a backwater town, hanging around with ignored ones, you could think she'll move away. But her response was instead that she'll stay in Orient Town, as the people needs her and she's grown too attached to them. She didn't care for glory, she only wants to help those in need.
  • Also in her CT story, when she thought Bang was a stalker and knocked him away, she ended up in Ronin-Gai and met some children whom she befriended and these children... told heavily dramaticized stories of Bang. Litchi can just reveal the truth on how much of a stalker Bang was, but she instead agreed with the children on how great Bang is. Her eventual treatment in Bang after CS would count as well, when nearly everyone else has been treating him like a joke, Litchi always treats him with respect (though not as much as lovers) and of all people, Bang was amongst the people she thought highly of, his presence is what passed her mind when she's making that heavy decision to join NOL, showing how much she treasured their friendship.
  • In Carl's story in CT, she appears and continues to show concern to the poor child, even if he's constantly driving her away. This eventually culminates in her sacrificing her life to protect him from Nu's wrath. When Carl, in distraught, asked why she'd throw away her life for some stranger, she utters this line before her death: "Do we need a reason to help other people?" While the event becomes non-canon, it speaks a lot about her personality.
  • In CS Extend, Platinum's story, the mere sight of her chatting nonchalantly with Jubei about Kokonoe pisses the hell of Luna, and jealous over "Boobzilla" out of a massive case of A-Cup Angst, beating her and then proceeds to bawl on Jubei on how he could be a boobmonger that not even Jubei can calm her down. Does Litchi hold a grudge? No - instead, she kneels down, pats Luna's head sweetly and explains to Luna that she and Jubei were merely talking about adult things (not that kind, she swears) and that she doesn't think ill of Luna or Sena. This was enough that Luna for once stops being a jerk. Also in Platinum's Gag Reel, despite being dreamed of as an Evil Overlord, when she woke up, Litchi is there, treating her wound kindly and reprimanding Tager for walking the wrong way and knocking Platinum out.
  • And to top of it all, even if she has joined NOL... when she met Carl who was pissed off at either her in league of NOL or for being an adult at all, Litchi's response to him was to let him beat her up until he calms down a little, and when he's left in distraught, she gave him a genuine sweet Cooldown Hug and lets him cry into her chest, calming him down eventually... until Relius comes in and attempts to kill Carl for calling him out. Does Litchi start obeying her new boss (because he has the secret of the cure)? No. She instead calls out on his parenting skill, enough for Relius to eventually try to subject her into Disproportionate Retribution of attempting to kill her too, until she and Carl are bailed out by Nirvana. This event was important enough that Carl eventually starts admitting that all adults are not bad, especially Litchi and Bang, and wishes he'd grow up like Litchi.

Ragna the Bloodedge

Yes, you heard me right. Even the so-called "Grim Reaper", Ragna the Bloodedge, has his share of nice moments. He may be a world criminal with an Artifact of Doom, but he's got a softer side.

  • In a timeloop that he died, he made a promise with Rachel to fight as a human being until the very end. In another timeloop that he survived... yes, he remembers it!
  • He actually met Taokaka when they're both little. During the flashback chronicling it, it was a pretty sight of him playing with kitten Tao, even if he kinda forgot her in the present.
  • Back in CT, when he first encounters Arakune and was kicking his ass, Litchi stopped him and begged him not to kill Arakune so he can be saved. Ragna argued with her, talking down about how Litchi is in denial, but in the end, he backs down and promises that if he meets Arakune again, he'll just run off, since he Wouldn't Hit a Girl. A very relieved Litchi told him that he's actually a very kind person despite the rumors, cementing his Jerk with a Heart of Gold status.
  • The many many moments of when either he's saved by Noel (CT) or he saves Noel (CS). He may get annoyed at her constantly calling him "STUPID", but it's clear he cares about her.
  • In the climax of CS, Lambda-11 butts into his losing battle with Terumi and promptly gets herself killed. All of the sudden... Ragna cries, a good enough sign that he's still a good guy... but that didn't end there. With her body flinging to Ragna's arms, he saw the spirit of Nu-13, promising that she'll always be with Ragna. Instead of rejecting her like usual, Ragna apologized... and what occurs later was a brutal Roaring Rampage of Revenge in the name of Nu-13 against Terumi. Yep. A revenge for someone he constantly tried to kill everytime and he would've probably hated after tons of times being impaled together and becoming a monster together!

Makoto Nanaya

There's also the sweet-hearted squirrel beastkin girl with Undying Loyalty to her friends, Noel and Tsubaki. Serious heartwarmers ahead.

  • The Extend backstory Military Academy: Heart to Heart, detailing how Noel, Tsubaki and Makoto became friends in the NOL Academy, was one long Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. A major plot point focuses on how much Makoto suffers through racism and abuse, but eventually finds companionship and acceptance among Noel and Tsubaki.
  • Makoto and Rachel both score a heartwarming moment in the ending of Slight Hope, Makoto's Extend Story.
    • While she's haughty throughout Calamity Trigger and most of Continuum Shift, Rachel took Makoto's case very seriously, only jesting about one scenario and being not the least bit obstructive, but what really sells it is her Dare to Be Badass when tempting Makoto to "peek behind the curtain". Considering this all took place slightly before the events of Continuum Shift, this display of genuine kindness and respect might be Foreshadowing Rachel's Character Development later on, losing her haughty and aloof attitude.
    • As for Makoto herself, after facing that said Dare to Be Badass, it takes her but one last glimpse upon one of the broken dolls to remind her what she's fighting for, and she affirms Rachel's evaluation of her moxie in the below quote. But what really cements the heartwarming is the final act: before leaving, Makoto takes one last moment to say a silent farewell to them, in essence praying for what remained of their souls.

 Rachel: So what will you do now?

Makoto: What do you mean?

Rachel: You just got to peek behind the curtain - it's a place not many get to espy. I suppose your options have... broadened, correct? Or am I mistaken?

  • Makoto glances back into the coffin, and after a long Beat, grins to Rachel*

Makoto: I'm going to fight like hell and protect my friends! Duh!

Tsubaki Yayoi

As the Morality Pet for both Jin and Hakumen, as well as a potential Love Interest for the former, the red-headed Valkyrie has her share of heartwarmers. Again, eventual allegiance with the Imperator and uber jealousy with Noel be damned.

  • The cold, mean, emotionless Hakumen, suddenly becoming sensitive when seeing Tsubaki. He asks to see her face up close, and he tells her a story of his lost love: an alternate version of her, before the timeline changed.
    • Not to be forgotten is the part where he mentions how one of his techniques (which is usable in-game) is named for her... "Tsubaki".
  • Not to mention Tsubaki's interactions with Jin. Pretty much all of them, but especially the one where she defeats him in her story mode counts. After defeating him, she demands he go back to the NOL. The normally aloof and uncaring Jin gives a wry smile and says "yeah, if I break my promise, I'll have to give you my soul, right?", showing that he hasn't forgotten the promise he made to her when they were both kids. Just goes to show that even colossal jerks have loved ones.
  • In Tsubaki's story mode, after being manipulated by Hazama into thinking Noel stole her place to be with Jin, she tracks Noel down and angrily attempts to kill her. After defeating her and leaving her helpless, Noel lies there, closes her eyes, and awaits the final blow. However, the blow never comes: unable to kill her friend, Tsubaki breaks down into tears. Even though Hazama's Mind Rape leads Tsubaki down the dark path anyway, it cements the fact that, like Litchi, she works for the bad guys, but definitely isn't a bad girl.
  • When you replay the Arcades after the Story mode, you can get other insights that could be Heartwarming. In Tsubaki's case, in case she beats Litchi, she tells her that she's a good person and will let her guard the citizens (of Orient Town) while she's off doing whatever. How is this Heartwarming? This means, corruption by Terumi and Relius aside, NOL is also a damn genuine organization that wants the people they rule to be in peace, not to oppress them for power and personal gain.


And then there's- Hold on a sec! Tao has her heartwar... warm... nice moments, too, ya know? Keep looking down for more info, meow!

  • Taokaka's bad ending in Continuum Shift; specifically the scene where Torakaka carries the battered and bruised Taokaka piggyback while gently chastising the latter for not being strong but moments later encouraging her to become strong.
  • Taokaka meets Lambda during her story mode, and starts talking to Kokonoe through Lambda's communication Ars. Taokaka thanks her for the candy Kokonoe gave her... and Kokonoe starts getting flustered. And after the battle, Tao says that she and Kokonoe are now friends. Kokonoe's response is freaking adorable, and a little bit sad; apparently, as one of the chief scientists at Sector Seven, she doesn't have all that many friends...
  • Two simple words: Kitten. Taokaka. Daaaaaaaawwwwww... <3


  • Lambda-11 in Continuum Shift has one in Arcade Mode. After beating Ragna, Kokonoe orders her to kill him for standing in the way of her goals, but Lambda doesn't follow her orders. Instead she breaks down crying and refuses to kill him, hinting that some of Nu's memories are still intact and that she still harbors romantic feelings for him.
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