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The year is 1994. Wolfenstein 3D has been a huge hit, a landmark in the continuing evolution of computer technology. Wolfenstein's creator has been working on a sequel rumored to blow away Wolfenstein as much as Wolfenstein blew away previous attempts at 3D games. However, the release date keeps getting pushed back, and users (there was no role in life called "gamer" back then) were getting anxious. What to do in the meantime?

Enter Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold! This shareware game from BBS favorite Apogee used licensed Wolfenstein 3D technology to implement a different game.

Like Wolfenstein 3D before it, it featured six episodes, of 11 levels each. The first episode was available as Shareware. It had a few innovations like being able to talk to people instead of just shoot them, and slightly greater world interaction in the form of switches to deactivate barriers.

It was entertaining for a while, but was only intended to fill the gap until Doom came out. It came out a week later. Oops. Nonetheless, much like Wolfenstein 3D before it, it got a single-longer-episode sequel, Planet Strike, released in October 1994.


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