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  • No, really, Blackadder does have a heart! From the Blackadder II episode Chains:

 Queen: Did you miss me, Edmund?

Blackadder: Madame, life without you was like a broken pencil.

Queen: [confused] Explain...?

Blackadder: Pointless.

  • In "Back and Forth," when Blackadder becomes king of England, he makes Baldrick prime minister, despite the fact that Baldrick is an idiot who annoys the crap out of him. It's almost an Aw, Look -- They Really Do Love Each Other moment.
    • Plus the indication that Blackadder chose to be a good leader, and not a tyrant, as one would half expect from him.
  • Classic moment from Blackadder Goes Forth

 Captain Darling: Don't take that tone with me, Lieutenant, or I'll have you on charge for insubordination!

Lieutenant George: Well I'd rather be on a charge for insubordination than on a charge for deserting a friend!

    • In general, Lieutenant George's admiration and respect for Captain Blackadder is a consistent source of Heartwarming.
      • He refers to Blackadder as 'clever as a chap with three heads'.
      • He is devastated, if not depressed, at being unable to help Blackadder in court (and in the first place gleefully represented him, despite being admittedly useless in that profession).
      • As above, George becomes determined to rescue the captain after he is shot down behind enemy lines.
      • In a monumental case of It Makes Sense in Context, George and Baldrick proudly, unapologetically and very, very loudly declare that they will always be more stupid than Blackadder...whilst in the middle of No Man's Land, but still!
  • After Captain Darling is sent to the front line, and he and Blackadder address one another by rank with respect for the first time ever, not once does Blackadder mention the obvious truth that Darling was sent there, and that all of his efforts to stay away from the front line were fruitless; instead, because they are both fish in the same barrel, he allows his loathed nemesis his dignity. Considering the unyielding contempt the two have held for each other throughout the show, this is truly heartwarming of him.
  • Captain Edmund Blackadder's last words are particularly touching, in their own small way, especially in the heartfelt tone he delivers them in.

  Blackadder: Good Luck, Everyone. *Blows whistle to signal going over the top*

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