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 Black Dynamite: Euphoria, shut the fuck up! I know that was you! I ain't even gotta look! I should send you to Crenshaw Pete with his hot-ass coat hangers, bitch. Would you like that?!

  • "Haha! I threw that shit before I walked in the room!"
  • "But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community."
  • There is a very subtle joke early on that can take awhile to sink in. When Black Dynamite's aunt calls him after INTERRUPTING HIS KUNG FU, and reveals his brother Jimmy has been killed, Black Dynamite's aunt says, "Your mother would turn over in her grave if she were here to see this." The mother died before the events of the film.
  • When Black Dynamite, Bullhorn and their entourage of militants arrive on Kung Fu Island, they attempt to go in quietly, until one of the militants pulls a Leeroy Jenkins and starts shooting, foiling their ambush.
  • "I guess you forgot about the time you and Bravo company left my black ass for dead, huh? But I remember. I remember everything. I remember Vietnam like it was yesterday. I remember that village in Tainan that we cut down. It was a massacre. All the dead Chinamen we left in our tracks. I remember the faces, the children. This one child I'll never forget. Poor little bastard was still alive. His little Chinese legs were blown clean off! Still see his little shins & feet hanging from the ceiling fan across the hut. He was charred from his head down to his little Chinese knees. He tried to get up, but he fell over when what was left of his right leg broke off. As he laid there, flat on his face, he looked up at me. His little Chinese eyes burned right into my stomach, deep into my soul. He said something to me in Chinese like, 'Boo coo sow!', sounded like some cartoon shit. But I understood it to be a question that he was asking me. And I don't have to know how to speak Chinese to know what that question was. 'Why, Black Dynamite? Why?'"
    • This gem gets a small callback later when it is revealed Black Dynamite, upon learning that archnemesis Fiendish Dr. Wu was involved in the malt liquor and drugs scheme, speaks Chinese fluently as he insults and provokes Dr. Wu.
  • From the pilot of the animated series TKP Kurtis delivered this golden line after delivering a no-hand dick slap to Cream Corn - "It sounded like you had a frog dick in yo mouth."
  • Also from the animated pilot:

 Dennis Flynn: This isn't about the honkies, Black Dynamite! It's about the children!

Black Dynamite: You know what, Dennis Flynn? I never told nobody this, but...I used to be a children.

  • During the bar fight, Black Dynamite throws his nunchucks off-screen for a moment to fight a couple of mooks. Then he turns around, holds out his hand, and the nunchucks fall back into his fingers.
  • Later in the same fight, when Bullhorn shows up to hold off the last mook, he smacks him in the face with a very audible slap. The mook jerks back, holding his face, and goes "Motherfucker!" before starting toward a very surprised and worried-looking Bullhorn. The hilarity comes a moment later when the scene abruptly changes to show the same mook being played by a completely different actor who is getting the crap beat out of him by Bullhorn. [1]
  • "I am 18-year-old Black Dynamite, and you are my sixteen-year-old kid brother Jimmy!"


  1. The implication being that the original actor got fired after attacking Bullhorn, and they had to hire someone new.
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